Wednesday, August 20, 2008

Doggie Day Care

I feel so bad leaving the dogs alone for so long, esp. if I'm working a lot. So on Monday we decided to treat them to a day of doggie daycare. I already know Tess doesn't enjoy this. Like I said, she'd prefer humans to dogs and a couch to a bridge. But I think they made the most of it and had a good time.

The daycare has cameras so you can watch your furry companions. I couldn't get to a computer but Mr. Bumblebee took web shots and sent them to me via text message during the day. I love his captions.

Our social butterfly starts to actually socialize.
If you've been reading this blog for a while, you will know Tucker is apprehensive about new people. Mr. Bumblebee was pretty excited when he saw that Tucker was actually allowing someone to pet him. This is a huge break through!

They were exhausted when we picked them up. During our short 20 minute commute home, they were out by the time we got to the freeway. There is that yucky tongue again.

I vacuumed that night and while usually they chase down the vacuum with intent to kill, this night they just laid on the couch and watched it go back and forth, not even lifting their heads.

We will be doing doggie daycare more often.

Weekend Recap - Sunday

So basically, since I'm cool and a Disneyland nerd, I got special Family/Friend passes to Company D. Company D is the "Disney Store - Discount" for Disneyland Cast members. It is all the merchandise that doesn't sell in the park. It is all marked at 50% or more off. I was so excited to go because this is my "thing" and I've never been.
P.S. Check out that new top....pretty cute huh?
I love it!
I really have no serious reason to dislike Ashley Tisdale. I know her from high school and we never clicked. She tried out for numerous drama productions and I always was casted over her. I always fought her for my roles and I always won. But I'd lie if I did say that I was somewhat gleeful when I saw at least 3 boxes full of "Sharpay" dolls at the discount center marked for under 10 bucks. Haha! I'm wrong...I know.
Well, since we were just down the street from the parks, we decided to stop by. We don't go there just because we are nerds. We go there to pig out. It was hot and nothing is as refreshing as a Dole Pineapple float (4.50). It's a 16oz cup filled with fresh pineapple juice topped with pineapple frozen yogurt. Tasty goodness. We enjoyed our floats while cooling down in the Tiki Room which was actually crowded for once.
Then we decided to hit Haunted Mansion, another air conditioned ride, and I got a whiff of the Churros (3.00). Being Mexican, I am picky about them. And it sounds silly but I really think that Disneyland has some of the best churros out there. It must be a regional thing. A few years ago at Walt Disney World, we only saw 1 churro stand in the whole resort. All 5 parks, 2 water parks, and one mall and only 1 churro stand. And the Churro was horrible.

After we rode Haunted Mansion we decided to head home but I'll give you a little bit of Disney trivia. The Haunted Mansion is known for pranks because it is so dark. Several decades ago, two boys brought on a beebee gun and shot at the ballroom scene. Well, there is about 3 inches of glass in front of you which is also almost 3 stories tall. Instead of removing the whole glass, the designers just painted a spiderweb over the crack the beebee created. Interesting huh?

....well it is to me.

Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekend Recap - Saturday

We got up early Saturday morning and headed to the Rainbow Store. My beloved pets had devoured 2 pairs in 2 weeks and I needed replacements. I can't say it was there fault. I left them out. In our house, anything on the ground when left alone for longer that 2 hours is fair game for Tess and Tucker.

Afterwards we decided to take the "kids" to the dog park to get some wiggles out. Usually it's nuts at the park on the weekends but to our pleasant surprise, it was dead. The kids romped and chased. Tess is kind of our "special" kid. She isn't big in interacting with other dogs. She just stalks around smelling poles dreaming of ligers. Tucker is "dog-park security". Anytime a new dog enters he must greet them and give them the run around.

I'm pretty sure Tucker has the longest tongue's kinda gross.

After the dogs were worn out we dropped them off at home and headed out to Westwood. YAY!

UCLA football scrimmage at Drake Stadium. Not my favorite stadium, no good food! Overall, I'm just going to say that I am "optimistic" about this season.

....HEY! It's a rebuilding year for us!! haha.

My sister was set on finding a hot UCLA football player boy toy all day long. Being recently single, she's ready to jump back into the game. GO B.B.!

Not too many exciting opportunities were available. The girlfriends swarmed their players like flies on poop. They were so busy grabbing their "honey's" hand and rubbing his back as he signed autographs. However, we did run into the new coach, Rick who is thinner that the last time I met him. This picture makes me blue/gold blooded daddy proud (if he turns out to be a decent coach).

After the scrimmage we headed out to 3rd St. for dinner and shopping. I found an adorable tank top from a fashion boutique, Kira Plastininia, that was started be a 15 year old Russian girl. Amazing!

Recently, Victoria Secrets has jumped onto the wagon for collegiate wear and is now selling NCAA clothing. I got one of the 2 styles they have for UCLA a month ago and got the second style on Saturday night. They are perfect because they are so thin, but for day games they are perfect.
After that we dropped my sister back at her place and headed home to ours. No rainbows perished today. YAY!

Weekend Recap - Friday

Remember back to when there was the Stamp Unveiling...through a slew of fortunate events, I ended up getting 2 tickets into Disneyland that would expire on the 15th of August. Family and friends bailed out on me and then I remembered my coworker V. We met up with V and her hubby R one night after work for Happy Hour and we all got along great. After talking all night we found out the R is from the same neck of the woods that Mr. Bumblebee and I are from. Mr. Bumblebee even went to the same high school as R. So I asked if they were interested in meeting us there on Friday night and they were game!
I have never been so happy that other people flaked on me. Inviting R and V was the best idea ever! They are basically carbon copies of Mr. Bumblebee and I. We have the same humor, style, look on life, and grasp on reality. It was a joyous night and it better happen again soon!!

Here is our photo from Space Mountain, V...please don't kill me.
R and V are behind Mr. Bumblebee and I.

Ya, we are a wild bunch.

Thursday, August 14, 2008


I love summer. There are people who gripe about not having four seasons in Southern California but I would love for summer all year long. But as much as I love summer, there is one aspect of Fall that I can not live without. Bruin Football! We've been season ticket holders forever and it really has become part of who I am. My other friends and even my ILS don't understand since neither parents of mine went to UCLA and we are such huge supporters but we believe in the school and we believe in the program which is why we support it.
This weekend if fall scrimmage. Our first game this year is on a Monday, Labor Day. We always tailgate and have some amazing food. I'm so stoked. GO BRUINS!

Monday, August 11, 2008


No....I'm not talking about those Olympics. I'm talking about these Olympics.
So cute! Tess is sooo going into training for these ;).

Beach House Fun

I love the beach house. It's always such a good time. Continuing with the celebration on Friday for Bumblebee MIL's special birthday, it was a family celebration Sunday night.

This is my MIL, she's 50 and can still ride her unicycle. When she was a little girl they would put on shows here at the Beach House and people would come by and even throw money at them. To this day random people still come up to the house and ask if this is the house with the unicycles.

Like Father Like Son.

Sunday, August 10, 2008

When you wish upon a stamp....

So my dad works for Uncle Sam in the post office as an executive. He's been there forever. He's got some great perks and if you ask me this is always the best. The Disney Stamp unveiling was at Disneyland this year and we've been to previous stamp unveiling before there. This one, just as the previous, was not a disappointment. Even those who hate Disney have to admit that they put a pretty damn good show on. I am always surprised how far they go for this event.

This wristbands means I've a VIP and the people behind me aren't!
(I was excited about this)
My copy of the first day issuance. Being a postal kid, I've got a lot of these.

(P.S. check out those lovely natural nails...still going strong!)

Stage before the show began. The seating was for those only with wristbands but there was plenty of standing room otherwise. However, those sitting down were served drinks. ::Giddy::

Stage after the unveiling. Each of the stamps "came to life" which was cute, but my favorite part was when Pongo came to life. IT'S A PUPPY! It was adorable because the dogs had no clue there was a script. They were sort of uncontrollable but still stole the crowds' hearts.

That is the Post Master General (high up dude) and the VP of Imagineering for Disney stamping the cancellation of the stamps for a photo op. They brought the pup up there and it was hilarious. He was eating the stamps by the sheets and just causing havoc. Everyone was in good humor about it though. At least he didn't pee on the table like Tess would have.

We had a great time that day. While my dad had to make his rounds and do some mandatory mingling, he took the rest of the day off (annual leave) to hang out with us in the park. We brought clothes to change into of course, no way was I going to wear heels at Disneyland.

Seeing that pup though made me miss my girl all day long.

50 wha?

If you met my MIL you would have no idea she's 50. I still don't know if I entirely believe it. What is even more is my FIL is 9 years older than her (he robbed the cradle and took the pillow too). It was ever so scandalous, he was her gymnast instructor and years later they met up again and romantically on cue fell in love. She is so in shape, so active, and still so full of life to live. I love it! FIL, being the romantic he won't ever admit too, threw her a great bash. She'll admit she planned a lot though, that's just her thing. There would have been more photos but it was an open bar and ..... yeah .....
P.S. Sad/Good news: Bumblebee SIL leaves for Bloody London for 5 months. She studied there for a semester in school and now that she is graduated, she's going back for some more traveling. Lucky duck. Can't wait to have her back soon!!

Where Have I Been?

So where have I been you ask? Well, Bumblebee MIL turned 50 on 08/08/08 and Bumblebee FIL threw her a huge bash. I was in charge of cupcakes so I made Bakerella's miniature cupcakes. Sorry there isn't better light in this picture. They were a huge hit but the 200 cupcakes took me the ENTIRE week to finish. It was definitely a labor or love. It took Mr. Bumblebee's and my relationship to a whole new level. Our blood, sweat, tears, and marriage went into these cupcakes (metaphorically of course). We never went to be before 2am this past week. My legs still ache from standing all night. So what do you get the women who has everything she needs or wants for her 50th birthday. You overwhelm yourself by taking on 200 cupcakes and making a quilt for her (oh and p.s. this is my first quilt). I didn't get it done in time for her big bash, I'm having the date and message embroidered on it for me so until that finishes up, I can't put the borders on it. But damn, not bad if I do say so myself for my first quilt.

So overall it was an intense week. More details on the party and other fun happenings coming soon. Maybe even tonight if I can keep my eyes open.

Friday, August 1, 2008

Calling All Photographer Recs!

So Mr. Bumblebee and I were talking about Christmas cards recently and we definitely want to do professional pictures. We weren't "thrilled" about how our wedding pics turned out so we thought we'd spend the money to have some more done this year. However, since they are such a big part of our lives, we want the puppies in them too. Now I know not all photographers are willing to work with animals and I believe that it takes some sort of skill to take decent photos of dogs (esp. my dogs). So....

Recommend a photographer to fit my needs!!