Friday, April 25, 2008

Back to School!

Tucker started school this past Sunday. He got a late start compared to Tess because of his whole cherry eye ordeal but it seemed like it was finally the right time. Tucker is a rescue. While I don't believe 100% that he was abused, I'm certain that he wasn't socialized with. The whole story behind Tucker is that a friend of ours lived next door to a backyard breeder of cocker spaniels. With times as they are, they declared bankruptcy and were skipping town in the middle of the night. Tucker was the only puppy they couldn't sell and so they were just dropping him off at the pound. My friend told them she would take him. She couldn't keep him so she asked me to take him or she would take him to a rescue. I said we'd take him but told Mr. Bumblebee we would NOT keep him. Ya, well....didn't work out like that. So now our biggest goal is to get him to stop running away from every human who wants to pet him.

Here he is in his first class...he was so nervous the whole time he didn't do any of the tricks...he'll learn soon though....

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That Girl said...

Poor Tucker. I'm hating on his backyard breeder right now