Saturday, December 29, 2007


I am in shear disbelief and shock right now. I don't even know what to say. I have to write (type) this out so it feels more real to me because I just can not grasp this concept.

I hated where I used to work. I hated the work I used to do. But I loved loved loved my coworkers so I put up the good fight and stayed. I stayed until we had to move. My direct boss "T" was so cool and so sweet. She always invited me out to drink after work and hang out, but I didn't always take her up on it since she WAS my direct boss. She even made it to my wedding.

Today I get up and go onto and I see this post that say RIP T. I thought to myself, what an attention whore and even considered writing her back how sick of a joke that was. Plus, I even considered maybe her profile got hacked or something.

Tonight, after taking down Christmas decor I logged back on to myspace and saw that it was her brother who posted, and list all the funeral information. ::shock::

"T" was 24 years old. She had worked her ass off in college and was becoming a CPA and was an accounting manager at my last job. She had a long time relationship whom she lived with and one of the most unique personalities I've ever come across. I've even tried to be more like her since I looked up to her so much.

She had this vacation planned to go to Cabo for a while now, since before I left. She went and when she got back she got really sick. Typical right. She went to the doctors and was given antibiotics and painkillers. The next day she was rushed back to the hospital and her heart stopped 4 times on the 23rd. She made it through to the 24 but died around midnight.

How does this happen? I don't know much else and it's so hard for me to deal with since I heard it on myspace, but how does this happen? I called all my other coworkers but since the second bulletin didn't go up till 11, most people aren't answering their cell phones. I just talked to her. She was anxious to do a margarita night with me. We just talked!! I don't understand how God can justify this sort of thing. I am sure he can, but I don't understand it at all. She had built such a promise-filled life for herself, she worked so is this fair? I don't know how to feel. I'm so much in shock, that there is no room for sadness. I'm sure when I attend her funeral it will be sad. But right now my head can not wrap around something like this. Go on vacation...come back...dead? And if she was in the hospital that long, how did it get so bad that she died after being there for that long? I wish I had more answers at this point.

I don't know what else to write and I can't go to sleep. I've been dealing with this for about 2 hours now, and its still just as unbelievable as it was the second i read the funeral post.

I am going to miss our bagel and monster mornings.
I am going to miss our Ma'am talks.
I'm going to miss you.

Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Craze

Ok, so lets start our journey for this Christmas weekend on Friday night. We were actually going to drive up to SCV on Friday night but when we got home from dinner we walked into our darling innocent puppy laying on the ground almost dead after eating 3 1lb bags of treats I had made for other puppies for Christmas gifts. Tess didn't run under the bed, she didn't run under the table, she didn't look crazy, she looked sick. We decided to stick out the night in Newport to make sure she wasn't too sick. She puked twice and by midnight she was her normal self again which made me feel better but I was still out of three pounds of dog treats! UGH. Anyways, we opened presents that night so we wouldn't have to drag them in SCV. Mr. Bumblebee got me 2 seat belt bags, my rainbow rhinestone sandals, Sweeney Todd cd, some dvds, camera accessories, and some clothes. So sweet.
Saturday we drove down the 405 to stop at the UCLA campus to pick up one more gift for my dad and we brought Tess on the campus to take pictures. I wanted a photo of her in front of the bruin bear but the second Tess saw the statue, she FREAKED. OMG! You thought she saw the chupacrabra or something. She wigged! We got a few adorable pictures on campus as you can see.

This is how my dog rolls, she lays flat on her tummy...much like a rug.

She looks so freaked out in this photo:

That night we went to my father's side of the family get-together. I love my family but this side is quite the bunch. We sat around a huge table with tamales, beans, rice, flan, homemade tortillas and churros, and pie and talked. Actually it was more like poke fun at everyone else. My family is cruel when it comes to joking, we all have thick skins because you have to. My uncles are ruthless and the first time I brought Mr. Bumblebee to my family get-together and he dished it back to my family, I knew he was a keeper. It was an overall fun night. We got a ton of questions about "when are you going to have a baby? We want another member for the family..." blah blah blah. We came to the point where we just said tomorrow. Whenever someone said "when are you going to have a baby?" we just said "tomorrow" and watched their face. It was hilarious. So we don't really do presents on that side of the family since when we all get together there is about 30 of us but I do exchange a gift with my Godfather Uncle Steve.

Sunday morning we opened our presents with BumblebeeILs. I did very good by them. I got a ton of stuff from them. Some highlights were a subscription to Real Simple (yay! I am such a wife!), crotchet Uggs, a few gift cards, Cranium, and clothes. It was fun watching the puppies open their presents. Tess got a squirrel that she loves! Riley (Bumblebee family dog) and Tess get along great and were having fun playing around. Tess is very submissive and has never shown an inch of aggression. While the puppies were playing, they kept stealing the other one's toys and finally Riley came to steal Tessa's squirrel and she tried to attack him! ::wide eyes:: She was pissed. We had never seen her do anything at all like that. We were like, "What was that?!" She had finally had enough and so while we were all shocked, we were happy she finally stood up for herself. Riley got the hint and laid back. It was cute.

Her head got stuck in her bag of goodies, it was very cute:

FIL and Tess, they have become good buddies :)

Sunday night was extended Bumblebee family get together in Arcadia. I love extended Bumblebee family. They are all Filipino and are just like my dad's family. Really loud and outgoing. Bumblebee men are known for having pocket's just their thing. They aren't ghetto, they aren't gangsta, but they have pocket knives, so whenever someone has a problem with ribbon on their gift, all 7 boys in the bumblebee family (including Mr. Bumblebee) whip out their pocket knife, it's kind of startling if you aren't used to it. The family is getting bigger and so this year we didn't a gift exchange where everyone brings a gift for their gender and then through a game of stealing and picking from the pile we each get a gift. This year I went home with a cute white scarf with matching white gloves. They are made of the fuzzy warm material, like those thick socks are. I love it.

Monday we went to Mr. Bumblebee's Mother's side of the family. Mr. Bumblebee's Grandpa has been very sick and in the hospital. It's been very bad but this family does not dwell on that stuff, it's almost not even talked about even though its clearly visible that Grandpa is not doing well. So it was catered instead of home cooked this year to take the stress off of Gpa and Gma. It was catered by Stone Fire Grill. Usually I love their food, it's good home cooked tasting for a very reasonable price but the food at Christmas Eve was horrible! We were so disappointed. Anyways, there were about 40 people at this get together and we were actually missing people who are usually there. We did another gift exchange like we did at extended Bumblebee family's house. This actually were this tradition started. I went home with 25 bucks to Starbucks and Mr. Bumblebee came home with 25 bucks to Sports Authority. Not bad. We also exchanged gifts with Gpa and Gma. Cute family if I do say so myself.
Christmas day we spent with my family. We got a lot of clothes and decor for the home. We also get our Disneyland season passes from them but we knew that one. We also got a lcd tv from my parents which is great, because our older tv was starting to have problems. We were worried about it fitting in the mini and our wall unit but luckily it barely fit into both of them.

Overall our Christmas was so busy and so overwhelming. It was almost not fun. We were running around so much that we both got a cold and now are feeling like crap. But when we got home Tuesday night and we were laying on the couch wrapped up in a blanket with our puppy in our lap, it felt like the most joyous season ever. I am so lucky to have an amazing family, an amazing husband, and an adorable pup. I'm quite the lucky gal.

Mini, Christmas, Puppies

Ok. This is going to be a day of blogging for anyone who cares...

First of all, the mini cooper. It's purdy! I really like it and now I want one so bad. Here are a few pictures:

It has a 1200 mile break in period and it's driving my poor husband nuts! He loves to drive cars hard but you have to wait till after the break in period. Once that break in period is over, I suggest everyone keep off the road if you see a gray mini racing towards you.

Here are a few pictures of my very FEW Christmas decor. I decided there was no point in putting up a whole bunch of crap since no one was going to be coming by. Mr. Bumblebee insisted on a tree so it's all good though.

So it's not Martha Stewart, but hey! It's my first Christmas.

Christmas cards are not very important in my family but it Mr. Bumblebee's family it's a big deal. When we just got back from our honeymoon his family was already asking me what I was going to do for the holiday card. So this year we made up our own, to follow in tradition. We sent out 75 Christmas Cards. 99% of those were family. Ugh. Anyways, I think they turned out really cute and I've gotten a ton of compliments. It does make me happy that people appreciate all the time and effort that was put into the cards.

As I had mention in an early post, my mom bought a Chihuahua and named her Gidget. Here is a photo of her. I do not like little dogs, they annoy me. But Gidget is starting to wear on me. She is really feisty and playful. She loves other animals too. My parents also have a cat and Gidget loves to "attack" Amigo. She wanted to cuddle up with Tess too but Tess didn't know how she felt about the Anyways, here are so photos we took of her. (p.s. she weighs 1 pound 12 ounces.)

Ok, so I am taking a break. I'll post about the rest of the holiday season for the Bumblebees a little later.

Wednesday, December 19, 2007

Getting Caught Up

YA! So finals are over and I couldn't be in a better mood. That was the main reason of my lack of blogging in the last week, studying my arse off.
Anywho, I'll start by recapping the past weekend.

Thursday: Got the Mini! I don't have any pictures, I've been to busy but it's so cute. I think I want one really bad right now:)
Friday night: Mr. Bumblebee's holiday office party. It was intersting. Mr. Bumblebee works with a lot of Europeans, so we were the only ones at the part who didn't speak German. It was really cool though because everyone kept telling me how AMAZING my husband is at his job and how lucky we both are to have each other. Because they are all European they picked a Texican restraunt. I hate texican. I hate hate hate it. So I was very unhappy with the food.
Saturday: Got a tree, dog loves trees and eating branches. My parents came down where they suprised me with a Chiuhaha puppy. Her name is Gidget. I still don't like small dogs but she's pretty cute. Checked out the boat parade but it was freakin' cold and we didn't stay that long.
Sunday: Hit up Paul Frank warehouse sale. Went to South Coast for more shopping, stayed up doing Christmas Cards and studying.

So not intersting. I promise a more interesting Photo blog later.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Nutty Puppy

This is my crazy dog at midnight. Sorry for the crappy quality but I used my cell phone because I wouldn't dare go through her path of mayhem. She did this for about 15 minutes until we threw her in her crate to quiet down. She is nuts.

Monday, December 10, 2007

A Mini Post

Mr. Bumblebee has needed a new car very badly for sometime now. It was just hard to swing while we are trying to save for a house, buy Christmas gifts, and still live a fun life. But we had finally talked and decided he would get one. Mr. Bumblebee has restored an old Mini Cooper from England and has loved them forever. However he always has to modify a car when he gets it and it can never be stock and its gotta have all these performance upgrades so once he got the car he wanted, it was going to be $$. So we decided to get a level headed Mazada 3 (faster hatchback) since it would be easier to maintain and comes with a lot of features for a more reasonable price. All the while I had been planning to get him his Mini. I felt that he deserved it for working so hard and because everyone has a right to have a dream come true once in a while. So this weekend we decided to look at cars and we stopped at a Mini Dealership. We looked around at stock at other Minis and finally I told him that my Christmas gift to him (since it was gonna be a nice hunk of change extra) would be his dream Mini. So he got it. It's not here yet. It's got the sports package and premium this and that...I dunno. But I haven't seen him smile this much since our wedding day. It's his type of car. He describes it as a "go-kart with blinkers). So we pick it up in a week or so.

So we decided to go put the deposit on it tonight and then I get a phone call from Mr. Bumblebee. He got a raise!! We sort of expected a little jump in pay soon, but we were suprised at how generous his bosses were. They told him how happy they are with his work and how impressed they are with him and that they will even revaluate his raise in the Spring (April/May). I'm not really suprised, Mr. Bumblebee is what every employee should be. He has amazing work ethics and a great personality. I love him for all those reasons plus more.
So it was a pretty good night.

Yesterday was not so great, my parents put our family dog Misty down. She was 15 and very weak. She has progressively got worse recently but she seemed in good spirits and without pain so my parents just made her comfortable. Well Sunday I guess she wouldn't stop panting (a sign of pain) and couldn't stand up. It was time. Luckily it was all of a sudden like that. Misty is the dog my mom got when my little sister started first grade. My mom was a SAHM and so she didn't want to be lonely all the time so she got Misty. Misty wasn't my mom's third child, she was a companion moreso. My mom is having a hard time dealing with it, but she knows it was for the best. My dad wants another dog sooner rather than later, he said he hates coming home to an empty home and its actually the first time in his life that he hasn't had a dog. My mom wants some time but I think they'll get a dog. The are looking into a small dog rescue but we'll see.

Kind of a depressing note to leave on but such is life...

Friday, December 7, 2007

More Drunken Craziness

So this post is mostly for Amber since she knows everyone. This huge guy dancing next to my adorable drunk husband, was our best man. His name is Buddy. He is drunk too.


Bye Bye Bye

good times...

Thursday, December 6, 2007

5 Months

It's been 5 months since we said I Do. Time is going by so quickly. This "wedding" post is dedicated to the girls who have been so essential to my happiest:

My cousin Amber went through this whole process with me. We have always been close, but this experience brought our relationship to a whole new level. I trust her with everything and I couldn't have gotten through all this without her. This picture is one of my most precious wedding moments. She isn't a cousin, she's a sister.

This next picture is my sister. My baby sister. I have spent my entire life concerned for her well being. That girl will never know how much she means to me. We are mean, rude, and crude to each other because...well, we are sisters. But we both do it out of love. Our inside joke list is thousands of pages long and we both share a sense of humor that only us two understand. She was my maid of honor and I am honored to have such a beautiful person in my life. P.S. she tells everyone I ditched her to get married...ha!

Heather and I have been best friends since 8th grade. I had a boyfriend in high school who she didn't like at all. Of course Heather took it upon herself to find me a new boyfriend. She introduced me to Mr. Bumblebee and I am so thankful to her for that, everyday. This picture was taken as we were walking away from our picture spot and she grabbed my hand and whispered in my ear, "I am so proud of you, you are gorgeous. I love you." My husband gave me a breath of what life should be like, she is my second breath of life.

Here is a picture of all my girls, whom I love and am most grateful for.

Another reason I love these girls....damn they know how to party!

Crazy Weekend

So as promised...
Friday Mr. Bumblebee took the day off so we could head to SCV early and escape traffic. When we got home we visited with his parents for a while then got ready for my best friend's birthday. Heather, God love her, is a huge fan of birthdays and celebrates them EVERY SINGLE YEAR. This year she had a plan to celebrate it at a restaurant in L.A. called Tokyo Delve's. It is a sushi restaurant (I don't like sushi), but she promised me there are regular plates...whew. So here is my recap of this evening:

The restaurant is like a dinner show, you must have reservations and it starts at a very specific time and they let everyone in at once. Pros: Service is quick, fast, and efficient. Cons: waiting outside to be seated is the pits! Menus, table decor, chairs, bathrooms, all are very simple and plain. Nothing fancy at all. You'll realize why it's like that a little later. The ceiling is decorated in neon and Christmas lights, random things are on the walls, nick knacks on the counters. Very bazaar but very appropriate.
As soon as we all sit down (all 25 of us) a waiter comes and doesn't ask us what we want to drink. He asks, "How many are drinking?" This is because everyone drinks the same thing unless you are not drinking alcohol. Everyone does sake bombs all night unless you aren't drinking. So we ordered 6 kegs of their beer and sake. And let the parties roll. From that point on, about every 5-10 minutes we did a sake bomb.

I ordered the boring yet trusty teryaki chicken. All dinners come with miso soup and salad. Here are my pathetic drunk attempts at pictures of my meal:

Ya, they don't look very amazing, and to be honest...I've had better. But I guess you are paying for experience and not food. At this point I was past thinking of my blog and was heavily buzzed. So there aren't anymore food pictures. My chicken came and it was decent. Everyone said the sushi was great, so I guess I wasn't ordering what they specialize in. Anyways...Then, they played the chicken dance. You heard me...the chicken dance. Sounds corny huh? Well, when there are parties of 20, who have all been drinking like we had been drinking...the chicken dance is HILARIOUS. And it was a naughty dirty version of the chicken dance. After that, the restaurant turned into an 80's night club sorta. Great music. More drinks are served, lap dances by waiters were given and finally the stage show.
That's right...see that Asian dude in the lap dance picture? He and the rest of the waiters, waitresses, and sushi chefs all line up and do (move for move) the song Bye Bye Bye by N*SNCY. Serious?! Funniest moment of my whole life. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. So finally they kicked us out and we (with our DD of course) drove back to SCV to go bar hopping (it can be done in SCV). Here is a pic of me and my best friend...the birthday girl! (yes the restaurant put that hat on her...we made her keep it on)Ya...we were buzzed....

So Saturday was the dreaded UCLA vs USC football game. I didn't care this year because I knew our chances of winning were slim. And we didn't! But the best thing ever was that my cousin and other best friend Amber was able to come! YAY! She's a trojan but we love her.

Brittany (sister), Amber (cousin), Me

It was a fun weekend overall. Glad football season is over and that Dorrel was let go.

Wednesday, December 5, 2007

Wish List

I am currently working on a blog that covers this past crazy weekend, but Mr. Bumblebee and Bumblebee-MIL want a list of some things I'd like. This is just a really short list of things I'd love to get this holiday season. Disney Dvd's are always on the list but here we go:

1. Burt's Bees Gift Bag: I love Burt's Bees, and it works perfectly with my last name. This is so cute and available at Target. I could use a new make up bag and this would be perfect!
2. Coach Hamilton Bag: I'm a coach whore! I love all Coach things and I really want this bag.
3. Seatbelt Bag: I love this company! I have had a few of their bags over the past 7 years and I love them! I need one in blue!
4. Rinestone Rainbows: I can not believe they came out with these right after our wedding otherwise I would have worn these down the aisle...I love rainbows. We gave everyone in our wedding party a pair and I could totally use more!
5. Cranium: Played this game recently with the Bumblebee-ILs and it was a blast! I could totally see our friends digging this game!
6. Coach Bangle: So cute! I wasn't sure about Coach jewelry until my best friend got one for her birthday and she let me put it on...I'm in love and now I need one!
7. Sweeny Todd Soundtrack: Johnny Depp + Musical + Tim Burton = Me obsession!
8. Coach Pony-Tail Scarf: Such a cute accesory!

There ya go! I'll post about our weekend later today.

Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Proud daddy!

Doesn't this picture look like "The proud father" type of picture?

I'd be so happy to just have her as a "baby" for forever.

They both just woke up in this picture.

Thanksgiving Weekend

Here's a recap of my weekend:
Thursday: Drove out to Palm Springs, almost died due to stupid drivers.

Friday: Woke up at the crack of dawn and drove my baby girl to the vet so she could get spayed. Worst feeling ever! 400 bucks later we will get to pick her up. To keep my mind off of my puppy being under the knife, Mr. Bumblebee took me house hunting.

It is a while before we can get a house, we are looking at summer of '09 but it was good for us to go out there and get a goal and an idea of how the market is moving. Everyone we talked to, including people in the leasing office said that it would be the perfect time to buy.

This is our goal house. Our forever house. And no, we have no intention of having a load of kids for all those rooms. We see a "office" a "game room" a "craft room" and a "guest room". Of course the 3 car garage is the biggest selling point for Mr. Bumblebee.

So we pick up the baby girl and she is tipsy! It turns out to be a long night of trying to keep her from freakin' out from her shadow.

Saturday: Mr. Bumblebee goes to UCLA game with my dad. They have a great time while my mom and I nurse the puppy back to health. Problem is, she's feeling just fine now and wants to jump and run. No bueno.

Sunday: Head home and then go to Disneyland at night to shake off the semi stressful weekend. It's beautiful of course and I'm so relaxed there. Castle looks amazing, they re-did it for the holiday season...very impressive and it's about freakin' time!

Monday, November 19, 2007

A-Z; All about Me

I was tagged by 2007's Journey so here goes:

Rules: List a word that describes you for every letter of the alphabet. Offer as much or as little explanation as you wish. Please keep the words positive (for example, don’t use “fat” for F or “lame” for L), and feel free to get creative. Tag as many or as few people as you wish.

A: Ambidextrous

B: Boisterous

C: Comedic

D: Dog Adorer

E: Energetic (who needs sleep?)

F: Fairy Tale Lover (I am one of the oppressed women who loves to believe in prince kill me, I grew up on Disney)

G: Grunter (For the first half hour that I am awake, I can not speak...I have to work my way into speech)

H: Home desire-er (we want a home)

I: In love

J: Jive Dancer (I love to swing dance)

K: Kid @ Heart

L: Loyal

M: Married (I agree with Alyssa and everyone else..., it's AMAZING describe myself as a married woman)

N: Nostaligic

O: Oprah Watcher (amen Alyssa)

P: Prayer Believer

Q: Quick-learner

R: Redhead (Alyssa, we are a lot alike!)

S: Sassy

T: Ticklish

U: Uberfriendly

V: Very Determined

W: Walmart Disliker

X: X-mas Lover

Y: Young Love

Z: Zoo adventurer

Ok so I am tagging Amber Marie @ Simply-Mine

Sunday, November 18, 2007

So Mr. Bumblebee and I hauld our tooshies to Santa Ana to get some shopping and Hot Dog on a Stick. Once we get there the mother was closed! So pissed off. So I am updating from my BlackBerry, so cool. I am actually in Tustin waiting for Chace Crawford with my baby sister to get autographs from him. I've never seen gossip girl but apparently I need to. Anywho... Signing off.

Friday, November 16, 2007

Pearls are a girls best friend...

So Mr. Bumblebee broke me down and I submitted to getting a Blackberry Pearl. I was against it because I felt like it wasn't worth the money. I knew it would take me forever to learn how to use all the features. So 24 hours into my ownership of the Blackberry Pearl 8130 and I am sold! I can understand how addicting these things are. I love how I can get onto the internet, check my email, and the blackberry messaging is a really cool feature too. But the camera and the clarity really is what is amazing about this phone.

Anywho, this isn't a commerical...but I'm a happy camper. Tonight I have a hankering for Hotdog on a Stick and a giant Lemonaid. Ya, I'm a cheap date. So since there are no HDOS in Newport, we are driving to Santa Ana's Westfield Mall to check it out and satisfy my craving.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Extract of Llama!

One of my favorite traditions as I had mentioned earlier is going to Lombardi Ranch with my family. Because of the SCV fires, it was partially burned down. I was so sad. I hear that they are going to try to get it up and running again ::crosses fingers::
Some of my favorite memories there is when my sister was almost eaten by their Llama. He nibbled on her jacket. Every year since then, there is a slight ackwardness when the two of them meet up again.
Here is a photo, year by year of the meeting. It's fun to see my sister grow up. She turns 20 this January. Yikes.

A little bit of interesting information, when the fires first started, they weren't able to evacuate the animals. So they just unlocked all the gates to give the animals a chance. Once the flames were put out, all the animals survived and all went back into their individual pins and waited for the owners to return. The owners were amazed at the animals. Makes me love it more.


Sorry this is late but I have a huge project due Thursday that I've been working on.
So Tess' graduation was a bust, we were the only losers to show up! For the 100+ we spent on these classes, I wanted a damn picture of my dog in a mortarboard cap. In the end it was worth it because we got a crap load of coupons which will be used. Here are a few photos of my girl:
So it's uber-cheese ball but hey, what else are ya gonna do on a Thursday night in Newport huh?
So without going into to much detail, I've got two job offers. Both have about the same in pros and cons. We'll see. I just want to have a job that I love finally. So good vibes my way are much appreciated in this transition.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Last Puppy Class...

So tonight Tess graduates from her puppy class tonight. It's kind of sad because then the week after that she is getting spayed and then she's like..."grown up". I am totally not ready for children and it will be awhile before I think I am, so Tess is really my kid right now. Whenever I get a bit of baby-fever I just look at my cute pup and I am satisfied. So tonight we get to stick her in a graduate hat and she gets a cute diploma and then Mr. Bumblbee and I will take her to get a soft taco from Taco Bell to celebrate. Here are a few photos from the last 8 weeks of puppy class:

This is her teacher Miki. She's really sweet and was really attached to Tess.

Please ignor my husband's big frodo footI will post pictures from the graduation ceremony (yes there is a small ceremony) later.