Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Extract of Llama!

One of my favorite traditions as I had mentioned earlier is going to Lombardi Ranch with my family. Because of the SCV fires, it was partially burned down. I was so sad. I hear that they are going to try to get it up and running again ::crosses fingers::
Some of my favorite memories there is when my sister was almost eaten by their Llama. He nibbled on her jacket. Every year since then, there is a slight ackwardness when the two of them meet up again.
Here is a photo, year by year of the meeting. It's fun to see my sister grow up. She turns 20 this January. Yikes.

A little bit of interesting information, when the fires first started, they weren't able to evacuate the animals. So they just unlocked all the gates to give the animals a chance. Once the flames were put out, all the animals survived and all went back into their individual pins and waited for the owners to return. The owners were amazed at the animals. Makes me love it more.

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