Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Sucha Bad Student

I'm a bad student and decided to ditch my class this morning. It wasn't that I wanted to sleep in, I just was kind of pissed off overall. I have had some pretty awful neighbors while living in apartments. My first apartment in Long Beach was horrible because it was party central. Don't get me wrong, I love to party but I don't want to live at the party!! I couldn't think to myself because it was so loud there. My second apartment wasn't all that bad but it sounded like we had elephants living above us. And now here we are, paying a crazy amount of money to live in Newport Beach and the jerk who lives below us has his music blaring till 2am!! We went down and told him off last night and finally he turned it off, ugh...

Also, I have allergies and they've been rather easy to deal with the last few years and so I decided to not fill my prescriptions for the medication and of course now my allergies are crazy out of control. OF COURSE. So I'm just pissed off today and I decided to not go to my first class and try to mellow out.

This teacher kills me anyways...first day of class she goes "You won't get an A if you miss class, so don't miss. I mean...you could get a B but you won't get an A." OK lady; I'll miss class from time to time for a B. I can live with that, thanks for clearing it up.

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