Tuesday, November 27, 2007

Thanksgiving Weekend

Here's a recap of my weekend:
Thursday: Drove out to Palm Springs, almost died due to stupid drivers.

Friday: Woke up at the crack of dawn and drove my baby girl to the vet so she could get spayed. Worst feeling ever! 400 bucks later we will get to pick her up. To keep my mind off of my puppy being under the knife, Mr. Bumblebee took me house hunting.

It is a while before we can get a house, we are looking at summer of '09 but it was good for us to go out there and get a goal and an idea of how the market is moving. Everyone we talked to, including people in the leasing office said that it would be the perfect time to buy.

This is our goal house. Our forever house. And no, we have no intention of having a load of kids for all those rooms. We see a "office" a "game room" a "craft room" and a "guest room". Of course the 3 car garage is the biggest selling point for Mr. Bumblebee.

So we pick up the baby girl and she is tipsy! It turns out to be a long night of trying to keep her from freakin' out from her shadow.

Saturday: Mr. Bumblebee goes to UCLA game with my dad. They have a great time while my mom and I nurse the puppy back to health. Problem is, she's feeling just fine now and wants to jump and run. No bueno.

Sunday: Head home and then go to Disneyland at night to shake off the semi stressful weekend. It's beautiful of course and I'm so relaxed there. Castle looks amazing, they re-did it for the holiday season...very impressive and it's about freakin' time!

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