Wednesday, October 22, 2008

Super Trouper

Wow. That is all I can say about how I feel towards the blogsphere. You guys amaze me. The out pour of emotions and well-wishes just takes my breath away. I can't tell you how much it means to me to know that there is a whole world out there of people who I can find some comfort in. I appreciate it, in every sense of the word. Just as you have made me feel, I hope you know how I cherish your shared thoughts.

So as for an update:
My sister is a super trouper. I can't believe it but she's continuing with school. She doesn't want to fall behind. She refuses to allow this to shape her. I am astonished by her and applaud her. I am not surprised really, she's always been very strong. She does have her weak moments still, and no way can one blame her for that. She won't go out at night, and she will be moving in with Mr. Bumblebee and I on the weekends from here on out. Until she feels comfortable being there when not necessary. I know for most newlywed couples, having a baby sister moving in sounds like a major wet blanket. However, for Mr. Bumblebee and I, are totally excited. We were always sort of a threesome. Mr. Bumblebee considers her his real sister and they actually have quite a bit of fun, even without me. So I'm looking forward to this new development and I hope I can help her in any way that I can. She's my baby sister...
As for the b*tches...we have an investigator on the case. They charged some things on her credit card and luckily for us, there was a video camera. Also, some of the things (can't be specific here for safety reasons) have found their way onto craigslist and seems MIGHTY similar to those that were stolen from her purse. I hope these girls get what they deserve.
Thanks again friends. I'll continue to keep you posted on all these events.
As for images, enjoy these from my 21st birthday. I, intoxicated beyond a heaven, wanted to ride the bull with my sister...

Sunday, October 19, 2008

My Touchstone.

My baby sister is...a handful. We've always had this incredible relationship. I love her to death. But we are complete polar opposites. I even want to say that we have that twin ESP. We can practically read each other's minds. I've always been a little over protective of her because, shoot, she's my baby sister. We have a million inside jokes and we can sit and talk for hours without speaking a word. She's probably the only other person in the world (besides Mr. Bumblebee) who truly gets me. She's an amazing person. A jr. at CSULB. Smart as hell. Beautiful. Just someone to look up too.
Friday night I got the worst call of my life. I had just fallen asleep when my phone rang. I looked and saw it was my mom. I immediately thought that my dad was back in the hospital but Iwas no way prepared to hear what she told me.
"B. has been jumped"
"WHAT?!!?!" I fling out of bed.
"She's at such-such hospital, she was jumped for her purse"
"Can you get there?"
at this point I had already thrown on clothes and was practically walking out the door.
"We are on our way"

My parents live about an hour away from her where Mr. Bumblebee and I live about 20 minutes. We got there in 10. I walked in and the damn nurse wouldn't let me see her until finally I saw her come out and point to me. I ran to her and she (in her over sized hospital gown) just melted in my arms.

We are good people. We follow the rules. We are kind to others. We get the grades and we make a decent lives for us and the people we love. How on earth could this happen to my little sister? I will admit, I have no f'n clue what she was thinking going into the area she was in. She should have known it was a risky area and to just skip that party. But really, how could this happen?

She had 1 dollar in her purse and a debit card with minimal funds on it and a gas card. Within an hour when my mom called to cancel everything they had racked up 200 bucks of charges. 200 bucks...

They saw her friend and her walking, they pepper sprayed my sister and wailed on her until it got boring. Her friend said when they ran away they we laughing...sick.

I'll never forget having to see my sister with bruises all over her body, bloody swollen nose, shaking out of her bones, eyes blood red and swollen, crying. She had been violated and I was pissed.
I'm a pacifist. I believe that what comes around goes around and I really believe these bitches will get caught/or get what they deserve. But that night, seeing my baby sister in the state she was, I wanted to make them pay myself. I wanted them to feel what she was feeling. She had her innocence stolen from her and she'll never be the same. Even today as we tried to help her adjust, she isn't the same. They stole part of her away from me and in time, I know I'll get a lot of it back but F! I'm pissed that it's been compromised.
This next week is all about helping her adjust. The doctor already warned us about PTSD and I can already see signs of it. She wants to get back to school before she misses too much but I want her to know that she's got the authority and right to take it slow for awhile.
I'm so glad she's here with us. Really, we could have lost her. If they had a knife, a harder blow to her head, a gun...I might be writing a completely different blog. I'm glad I saw her today and I'm glad I'll see her tomorrow.
She's my touchstone.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Dog-filled Weekend Part 1

So what should we take photos of with our brand new camera? PUPPIES! Off to the dog park for a cockerspaniel-get-together!
Here are some of the amazing shots our Canon Xsi took:

My girl and Me

I just love this shot of Tuck and his freakishly long tounge

I love Tess' face in these photos...they look like she's smiling.

Tucker makes a lot of friends at the park.

This is Wesley; a 5 month old cute!

Mr. Bumblebee got really tricky with the new camera and then photoshop.

Check out these action shots...

Look at all those cute puppies!
The dogs had a blast. It is so wierd how they group together with their own breeds. There were a ton of other dogs at the park, but the cocker spaniels pretty much hung out with only those in our groups. The reaction on the peoples' face who walked into the park and saw 20+ c.s. was priceless.

Stay tuned for part 2!

Wednesday, October 8, 2008

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

It's here...

It's finally here...
more to come.