Saturday, September 27, 2008

Christmas Idea...

Some of those who read this blog are family/friends/husband. If you are looking for the perfect gift for me this holiday ya go!

I wear a size 7.5 or 8.

Monday, September 22, 2008

Safe = Dangerous

Not much to report. Just a hilarious video of our weird kids (aka dogs).
We bought a safe today...for safety reasons. The dogs felt it was more of a threat than a safety measure...
**Note: We are not torturing them, they enjoy this type of play and start it most of the time. Notice that both of their tails are wiggling. We also live in a dog friendly neighborhood and their barking is probably nothing compared to some of our neighbors. In our area, letting them bark a few times is not a big deal. Thank heavens!

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Beach Fun!

My doctor warned me about this. Because my immune system was so low when I had pneumonia, they mentioned to me that I might can really sick afterwards with normal viruses. Especially since I work with kids. So today I woke up with a sore throat and my ears plugged. I'm not fully congested yet so I'm pounding glasses of water and taking vitamins to shorten the length of this disaster. Before this morning however, I felt great!
Friday night we headed out to Disneyland to meet up with some Disney buddies I haven't seen in years! We had so much fun catching up with all of them. When we all first met we were 13 to 16 years old. Now we all have careers, husbands, wives, houses, and soon probably children...crazy!
Saturday was a good/bad day. UCLA lost...they were killed. But they totally deserved it. They didn't show up for that game...horrible...horrible. So to lick our wounds, we headed out to see the new Coen Brothers Film, Burn After Reading.
We saw this movie for two reasons: 1) No Country for Old Men was great. 2) George Clooney and Brad Pitt.
It was okay. Hard to follow up on such an amazing film but it did have its hilarious moments. Brad Pitt was hilarious. The characters were a little oversimplified compared to their other films but it was pretty suspenseful in certain scenes.
Sunday was our fun day. We packed up the kids bright and early and headed out for Hunington Beach's Dog Beach. We had found a group of local cocker spaniel owners who have these get-togethers. It was pretty entertaining to have 10 cocker spaniels taking over the local mutt and greet location. Here are some photos:
Our water baby, we couldn't keep her out of the stuff.
So many cockers!
They are taking over!
Lily and Tucker became very good buddies.

Running for all he's worth.
Group shot, took awhile to organize all those puppies.

She never wanted to leave.

Great shot of her running.
Cute shot.

My kids.

It was such a great day. It took about 2 hours of shampooing to get all the sand out of them but then they slept like rocks for 3-4 hours. So worth it.

So hopefully I get over whatever I have right now really fast because we have day game this weekend and those are really tough on their own. Especially going into it after a game like this past Saturday. We also signed up for the CHOC Walk, I can not wait for this! So anybody going, lets meet up!

I was looking forward to summer being over so we'd have more weekends to lay around, but then football season and family get-togethers have us busy once again. Our calender is booking up!

Oh...and we bought a lemon tree. Dunno why but that makes me happy!!

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Couch Watch 2008

I write this blog with no fun pictures, no fun plans, no fun weekend notes....I write this blog with pneumonia.

That's right....I got pneumonia. I've never been this sick in my entire life.

I missed our game yesterday, watched it on TV. I basically haven't moved from the couch since Friday. My doctors warned me how weak I'd get as my body fights the infection but holy cow! I had no idea how useless I'd be. I just sleep and sleep. I don't "feel" sick but my fever (on and off) tells me otherwise.

Oh and never let a loved on take Levaquin under any circumstances. I had the worst reaction to the stuff only to go online and find all the lists of class action lawsuits against the my bones are aching beyond aching and this could last several months for me. Mr. Bumblebee is already looking into filing a suit because no where on my prescription is the black box label warning that it is required to have on it....'s been a fun weekend.