Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Couch Watch 2008

I write this blog with no fun pictures, no fun plans, no fun weekend notes....I write this blog with pneumonia.

That's right....I got pneumonia. I've never been this sick in my entire life.

I missed our game yesterday, watched it on TV. I basically haven't moved from the couch since Friday. My doctors warned me how weak I'd get as my body fights the infection but holy cow! I had no idea how useless I'd be. I just sleep and sleep. I don't "feel" sick but my fever (on and off) tells me otherwise.

Oh and never let a loved on take Levaquin under any circumstances. I had the worst reaction to the stuff only to go online and find all the lists of class action lawsuits against the stuff...now my bones are aching beyond aching and this could last several months for me. Mr. Bumblebee is already looking into filing a suit because no where on my prescription is the black box label warning that it is required to have on it....

...it's been a fun weekend.


That Girl said...

Boo hiss! Feel better soon! I spent the whole weekend in bed too, working!

WeezerMonkey said...


Sara said...

:( SO sorry friend! Feel better!!!

10yearstogether said...

The P is no joke, I'm sorry you had it. I battled it for about 3 weeks in April/May and I wanted to just fall apart. I hope you're well past it now.