Friday, November 16, 2007

Pearls are a girls best friend...

So Mr. Bumblebee broke me down and I submitted to getting a Blackberry Pearl. I was against it because I felt like it wasn't worth the money. I knew it would take me forever to learn how to use all the features. So 24 hours into my ownership of the Blackberry Pearl 8130 and I am sold! I can understand how addicting these things are. I love how I can get onto the internet, check my email, and the blackberry messaging is a really cool feature too. But the camera and the clarity really is what is amazing about this phone.

Anywho, this isn't a commerical...but I'm a happy camper. Tonight I have a hankering for Hotdog on a Stick and a giant Lemonaid. Ya, I'm a cheap date. So since there are no HDOS in Newport, we are driving to Santa Ana's Westfield Mall to check it out and satisfy my craving.

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