Thursday, November 8, 2007

Last Puppy Class...

So tonight Tess graduates from her puppy class tonight. It's kind of sad because then the week after that she is getting spayed and then she's like..."grown up". I am totally not ready for children and it will be awhile before I think I am, so Tess is really my kid right now. Whenever I get a bit of baby-fever I just look at my cute pup and I am satisfied. So tonight we get to stick her in a graduate hat and she gets a cute diploma and then Mr. Bumblbee and I will take her to get a soft taco from Taco Bell to celebrate. Here are a few photos from the last 8 weeks of puppy class:

This is her teacher Miki. She's really sweet and was really attached to Tess.

Please ignor my husband's big frodo footI will post pictures from the graduation ceremony (yes there is a small ceremony) later.

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WeezerMonkey said...

Can't wait for the ceremony pics! I predict oodles of cuteness.... :)