Monday, December 10, 2007

A Mini Post

Mr. Bumblebee has needed a new car very badly for sometime now. It was just hard to swing while we are trying to save for a house, buy Christmas gifts, and still live a fun life. But we had finally talked and decided he would get one. Mr. Bumblebee has restored an old Mini Cooper from England and has loved them forever. However he always has to modify a car when he gets it and it can never be stock and its gotta have all these performance upgrades so once he got the car he wanted, it was going to be $$. So we decided to get a level headed Mazada 3 (faster hatchback) since it would be easier to maintain and comes with a lot of features for a more reasonable price. All the while I had been planning to get him his Mini. I felt that he deserved it for working so hard and because everyone has a right to have a dream come true once in a while. So this weekend we decided to look at cars and we stopped at a Mini Dealership. We looked around at stock at other Minis and finally I told him that my Christmas gift to him (since it was gonna be a nice hunk of change extra) would be his dream Mini. So he got it. It's not here yet. It's got the sports package and premium this and that...I dunno. But I haven't seen him smile this much since our wedding day. It's his type of car. He describes it as a "go-kart with blinkers). So we pick it up in a week or so.

So we decided to go put the deposit on it tonight and then I get a phone call from Mr. Bumblebee. He got a raise!! We sort of expected a little jump in pay soon, but we were suprised at how generous his bosses were. They told him how happy they are with his work and how impressed they are with him and that they will even revaluate his raise in the Spring (April/May). I'm not really suprised, Mr. Bumblebee is what every employee should be. He has amazing work ethics and a great personality. I love him for all those reasons plus more.
So it was a pretty good night.

Yesterday was not so great, my parents put our family dog Misty down. She was 15 and very weak. She has progressively got worse recently but she seemed in good spirits and without pain so my parents just made her comfortable. Well Sunday I guess she wouldn't stop panting (a sign of pain) and couldn't stand up. It was time. Luckily it was all of a sudden like that. Misty is the dog my mom got when my little sister started first grade. My mom was a SAHM and so she didn't want to be lonely all the time so she got Misty. Misty wasn't my mom's third child, she was a companion moreso. My mom is having a hard time dealing with it, but she knows it was for the best. My dad wants another dog sooner rather than later, he said he hates coming home to an empty home and its actually the first time in his life that he hasn't had a dog. My mom wants some time but I think they'll get a dog. The are looking into a small dog rescue but we'll see.

Kind of a depressing note to leave on but such is life...


alyssa said...

So sorry to hear about your family dog! That's hard...

And congrats on the new Mini...I love those cars! When I purchased my VW, I was also considering a new Mini. VW won...I still love her!

I tried to send you an email to comment on your comments, but it didn't work to just reply to your comment. I did go to CSULB. I graduated in 2001 and all my friends graduated then or in 2000. When did your friends go there?

Oh, that paper is from Paper-Source...that store is incredible! I LOVE that place!!! There is one in South Coast Plaza on the Crystal Court side - near the Apple Store, Crate & Barrel, Pottery Barn. Go there having eaten and plan to spend time's seriously sensory overload! It's awesome!

WeezerMonkey said...

Go, Mini, go!

So sorry about Misty. Our family dog died this year, too. :(