Thursday, December 6, 2007

Crazy Weekend

So as promised...
Friday Mr. Bumblebee took the day off so we could head to SCV early and escape traffic. When we got home we visited with his parents for a while then got ready for my best friend's birthday. Heather, God love her, is a huge fan of birthdays and celebrates them EVERY SINGLE YEAR. This year she had a plan to celebrate it at a restaurant in L.A. called Tokyo Delve's. It is a sushi restaurant (I don't like sushi), but she promised me there are regular plates...whew. So here is my recap of this evening:

The restaurant is like a dinner show, you must have reservations and it starts at a very specific time and they let everyone in at once. Pros: Service is quick, fast, and efficient. Cons: waiting outside to be seated is the pits! Menus, table decor, chairs, bathrooms, all are very simple and plain. Nothing fancy at all. You'll realize why it's like that a little later. The ceiling is decorated in neon and Christmas lights, random things are on the walls, nick knacks on the counters. Very bazaar but very appropriate.
As soon as we all sit down (all 25 of us) a waiter comes and doesn't ask us what we want to drink. He asks, "How many are drinking?" This is because everyone drinks the same thing unless you are not drinking alcohol. Everyone does sake bombs all night unless you aren't drinking. So we ordered 6 kegs of their beer and sake. And let the parties roll. From that point on, about every 5-10 minutes we did a sake bomb.

I ordered the boring yet trusty teryaki chicken. All dinners come with miso soup and salad. Here are my pathetic drunk attempts at pictures of my meal:

Ya, they don't look very amazing, and to be honest...I've had better. But I guess you are paying for experience and not food. At this point I was past thinking of my blog and was heavily buzzed. So there aren't anymore food pictures. My chicken came and it was decent. Everyone said the sushi was great, so I guess I wasn't ordering what they specialize in. Anyways...Then, they played the chicken dance. You heard me...the chicken dance. Sounds corny huh? Well, when there are parties of 20, who have all been drinking like we had been drinking...the chicken dance is HILARIOUS. And it was a naughty dirty version of the chicken dance. After that, the restaurant turned into an 80's night club sorta. Great music. More drinks are served, lap dances by waiters were given and finally the stage show.
That's right...see that Asian dude in the lap dance picture? He and the rest of the waiters, waitresses, and sushi chefs all line up and do (move for move) the song Bye Bye Bye by N*SNCY. Serious?! Funniest moment of my whole life. We couldn't believe what we were seeing. So finally they kicked us out and we (with our DD of course) drove back to SCV to go bar hopping (it can be done in SCV). Here is a pic of me and my best friend...the birthday girl! (yes the restaurant put that hat on her...we made her keep it on)Ya...we were buzzed....

So Saturday was the dreaded UCLA vs USC football game. I didn't care this year because I knew our chances of winning were slim. And we didn't! But the best thing ever was that my cousin and other best friend Amber was able to come! YAY! She's a trojan but we love her.

Brittany (sister), Amber (cousin), Me

It was a fun weekend overall. Glad football season is over and that Dorrel was let go.


WeezerMonkey said...

When I say "sake," you say "bomb"!
Sake! Bomb!
Sake! Bomb!


Amber Marie said...

::throwing up my victory V:: what a freezing cold good time I had with you guys. WOuld have been better if we were sitting in the Trojan section but still a very great time. and I'm making Jason, Matt, my brother, and their women go to this sushi place since they are not picky eaters and actually like sushi (unlike my other cousins and friends.)