Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Christmas Craze

Ok, so lets start our journey for this Christmas weekend on Friday night. We were actually going to drive up to SCV on Friday night but when we got home from dinner we walked into our darling innocent puppy laying on the ground almost dead after eating 3 1lb bags of treats I had made for other puppies for Christmas gifts. Tess didn't run under the bed, she didn't run under the table, she didn't look crazy, she looked sick. We decided to stick out the night in Newport to make sure she wasn't too sick. She puked twice and by midnight she was her normal self again which made me feel better but I was still out of three pounds of dog treats! UGH. Anyways, we opened presents that night so we wouldn't have to drag them in SCV. Mr. Bumblebee got me 2 seat belt bags, my rainbow rhinestone sandals, Sweeney Todd cd, some dvds, camera accessories, and some clothes. So sweet.
Saturday we drove down the 405 to stop at the UCLA campus to pick up one more gift for my dad and we brought Tess on the campus to take pictures. I wanted a photo of her in front of the bruin bear but the second Tess saw the statue, she FREAKED. OMG! You thought she saw the chupacrabra or something. She wigged! We got a few adorable pictures on campus as you can see.

This is how my dog rolls, she lays flat on her tummy...much like a rug.

She looks so freaked out in this photo:

That night we went to my father's side of the family get-together. I love my family but this side is quite the bunch. We sat around a huge table with tamales, beans, rice, flan, homemade tortillas and churros, and pie and talked. Actually it was more like poke fun at everyone else. My family is cruel when it comes to joking, we all have thick skins because you have to. My uncles are ruthless and the first time I brought Mr. Bumblebee to my family get-together and he dished it back to my family, I knew he was a keeper. It was an overall fun night. We got a ton of questions about "when are you going to have a baby? We want another member for the family..." blah blah blah. We came to the point where we just said tomorrow. Whenever someone said "when are you going to have a baby?" we just said "tomorrow" and watched their face. It was hilarious. So we don't really do presents on that side of the family since when we all get together there is about 30 of us but I do exchange a gift with my Godfather Uncle Steve.

Sunday morning we opened our presents with BumblebeeILs. I did very good by them. I got a ton of stuff from them. Some highlights were a subscription to Real Simple (yay! I am such a wife!), crotchet Uggs, a few gift cards, Cranium, and clothes. It was fun watching the puppies open their presents. Tess got a squirrel that she loves! Riley (Bumblebee family dog) and Tess get along great and were having fun playing around. Tess is very submissive and has never shown an inch of aggression. While the puppies were playing, they kept stealing the other one's toys and finally Riley came to steal Tessa's squirrel and she tried to attack him! ::wide eyes:: She was pissed. We had never seen her do anything at all like that. We were like, "What was that?!" She had finally had enough and so while we were all shocked, we were happy she finally stood up for herself. Riley got the hint and laid back. It was cute.

Her head got stuck in her bag of goodies, it was very cute:

FIL and Tess, they have become good buddies :)

Sunday night was extended Bumblebee family get together in Arcadia. I love extended Bumblebee family. They are all Filipino and are just like my dad's family. Really loud and outgoing. Bumblebee men are known for having pocket's just their thing. They aren't ghetto, they aren't gangsta, but they have pocket knives, so whenever someone has a problem with ribbon on their gift, all 7 boys in the bumblebee family (including Mr. Bumblebee) whip out their pocket knife, it's kind of startling if you aren't used to it. The family is getting bigger and so this year we didn't a gift exchange where everyone brings a gift for their gender and then through a game of stealing and picking from the pile we each get a gift. This year I went home with a cute white scarf with matching white gloves. They are made of the fuzzy warm material, like those thick socks are. I love it.

Monday we went to Mr. Bumblebee's Mother's side of the family. Mr. Bumblebee's Grandpa has been very sick and in the hospital. It's been very bad but this family does not dwell on that stuff, it's almost not even talked about even though its clearly visible that Grandpa is not doing well. So it was catered instead of home cooked this year to take the stress off of Gpa and Gma. It was catered by Stone Fire Grill. Usually I love their food, it's good home cooked tasting for a very reasonable price but the food at Christmas Eve was horrible! We were so disappointed. Anyways, there were about 40 people at this get together and we were actually missing people who are usually there. We did another gift exchange like we did at extended Bumblebee family's house. This actually were this tradition started. I went home with 25 bucks to Starbucks and Mr. Bumblebee came home with 25 bucks to Sports Authority. Not bad. We also exchanged gifts with Gpa and Gma. Cute family if I do say so myself.
Christmas day we spent with my family. We got a lot of clothes and decor for the home. We also get our Disneyland season passes from them but we knew that one. We also got a lcd tv from my parents which is great, because our older tv was starting to have problems. We were worried about it fitting in the mini and our wall unit but luckily it barely fit into both of them.

Overall our Christmas was so busy and so overwhelming. It was almost not fun. We were running around so much that we both got a cold and now are feeling like crap. But when we got home Tuesday night and we were laying on the couch wrapped up in a blanket with our puppy in our lap, it felt like the most joyous season ever. I am so lucky to have an amazing family, an amazing husband, and an adorable pup. I'm quite the lucky gal.

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