Monday, February 23, 2009

Best Birthday Eva!

My birthday started right at midnight when I got about a dozen text messages wishing me a wonderful birthday. I love that. I dunno why...but the idea that people waited and then typed out Happy Birthday feels me with such glee. We woke up semi early and headed off to Disneyland. The park was empty. It was perfect. I got my button sticker and got my $69 gift card and was a happy camper.

It was dead in the park and so we were able to walk around at our leisure rather than avoiding strollers and dodging toddlers. It was cloudy but perfect for some camera fun.

There were no parades scheduled so there were a ton of characters walking around the park. We were completely ambushed by Goofy who had a lot of fun with Mr. Bumblebee. I love this photo.

Disneyland has a petting zoo and it's one of my favorite things to do. Its just goats and sheep mostly, but the cow (Maggie I believe) was out. She was so sweet.
Attempted for an action shot on Big Thunder, didn't work out...
We left in the afternoon to get some sleep before our night out on the town.
Weezermonkey (my food monkey guru) recommended Magnolia to me for our birthday dinner. It was down the street from the Pantages and they said we could leave our car there for the whole night. SCORE! One parking fee for the whole night.
I sadly have no photos. I was having a good time with Mr. Bumblebee. But I'll give you a play by play.
Mr. Bumblebee - Pims One Cup
This is a favorite and rare find for Mr. B. It's an English drink and not all that common. Mr. Bumblebee was stoked to find it on the drink menu. It was perfectly served with a lime twist as well. Nice surprise.
Me - Margarita on the rocks
It was so good. Pretty strong, and since I'm Mexican, this means it was a good drink.
Mr. Bumblebee - Caesar Salad
Very fresh and good size portion. Garlic Croutons were scrumptious. It was a little too fishy for me.
Me - Chicken Noodle Soup
It was pouring outside and I just wanted something to warm me up. It was okay. The noodles weren't quite done but the portion was good, and full of vegetables and chicken.
Mr. Bumblebee - Macadamia Nut Crusted Mahi Mahi
I have never heard my husband go on about a food dish like this in my life. He went on and on. It was almost obscene. The man loved this dinner. It was covered in a lobster sauce that was equivalent to heaven for Mr. B. He ate every last bite and still talks about it to this day.
Me - Marinated Skirt Steak
Very tender and perfectly sliced. It was ridiculous how well it melted in my mouth. I loved it. The mashed potatoes were potatoes, can't really screw those up.
We shared the Mint Chip Ice Cream Sandwich. It was so yummy. I didn't like that the ice cream was green, it's just food dye and I don't see that it is always necessary in a restaurant like this. Call me weird but that's just how I felt about it. But I did eat the whole thing.
Our waiter was awesome. He told us all about the place and we even saw the chef walking around talking to people. He didn't make it to our table but we were a very early dinner and had to get out of there in order to make the show.
Big thanks to Weezermonkey for the recommendation!!!
Onto the play.
I've seen Phantom before. With Michael Crawford as the Phantom and Sarah Brightman as Christine, I have very high expectations. I'm not surprised I wasn't impressed but I was glad to see that Mr. Bumblebee enjoyed it. I love the theater, and while he isn't a theater buff, he is learning to appreciate it. (P.S. I don't just see fluffy musicals, but I get excited about these ones because they mean a night on the town.) The Phantom was actually impressive. He did a good job. Christine was a let down. Carlotta was GREAT. But she apparently was the longest running Carlotta in the play's history. Raul was good, I think better than the other I've seen.
The next day it was off to work and my co workers had a wonderful pot luck for me. My classroom had balloons in it and all of my students ran up to me with a gift and happy birthday greetings. Talk about feeling special. These 3 year olds made such a big deal over me. It was so cute. I had a wonderful day at work and that means something to me. I'm fortunate to love my coworkers and have good times with all of them. Not all people have that fortune.
Saturday rolled around and my parents were coming that night to take me to dinner. But before that...I got a knock on the door.
My best friend sent me these:
Those are cookies. That is Ariel. The crown says Happy Birthday and a lovely decorated heart. Not only are they cute...they are freakin' delicious!! I love you SPRINKLES! THANK YOU!
I think this past birthday has been the best I've ever had.
So I'm what?


Klucky said...

OK I agree 100% - that IS the best birthday ever you lucky girl! Maybe I'll show this to my husband to give him some ideas for my next birthday...hmmm...
I love the pic of your hubby with Goofy!

alyssa said...

What a wonderful birthday celebration! Happy belated birthday!!! xoxo!

Laura said...

Glad you had a good birthday. You are so young!