Saturday, March 21, 2009

I'm Back I've fallen off of the blogwagon again. But I'm back now! Let's dive right into the current events. Bumblebee SIL and F(uture)Bumblebee BIL had an engagement party down in Newport Beach. It was amazing that in Feb. the weather was 80 degrees and perfect for a beach house gathering. FBumblebeeBIL's family also has a house in Newport and it was the perfect setting for an amazing engagement party.

Here's my flower girl...she's gotten so big! I believe that she will be returning to her role as flowergirl for Bumblebee SIL's wedding.

This is a shot from the upstairs balcony out onto the bottom level and dock. This was only about half the people there.

We got to visit with a lot of people who we usually don't see very often. It was nice to catch up.Here's the happy couple.

It was really a special day and we had a great time. At the end of the night it became even more special. Bumblebee SIL and FBumblebee BIL asked Mr. Bumblebee and I to be bridesmaid/groomsman in their wedding! YAY!! It means a lot to me that they would consider us for these precious roles. Can't wait till the big day now!

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