Friday, August 28, 2009

So my dad was able to get us into another stamp unveiling this year. I was pretty "eh" about this one because it wasn't at Disneyland. My dad was trying to get me excited about it by saying "Carl Reiner is emceeing the event!!!"....psh...whatever...who is Carl Reiner.

Something you should know about me. I'm a huge Ocean's 11 fan. I dunno why. I think the one-liners fit into my sister and my sense of humor so perfectly that it was basically a match in heaven. Plus, Clooney, Pitt, and Damon in the same movie...comeon'!

So we get into the event, I'm noticing a lot of famous people, newscasters, critics, and then I see...Carl Reiner...AH! It's Saul from Ocean's 11. I smacked my dad "Why didn't you say SAUL was gonna be here!!" I'm sure he just rolled his eyes at my stupidity. I wanted to smack myself up the head. I knew the guy sounded familiar.

Recognize this guy? Ya, he stood next to me with his point and shoot trying to get photos of Carl Reiner...ha!

Here we are at the big event, talking about how great all these old tv shows were blah, blah. I'm sitting there giddy as a preteen meeting Hannah Montana. I was gonna meet Saul and the only thing that kept popping into my mind was the line "Hey Saul! It's me! From Saratoga Springs" from Ocean's 11. Finally I get my chance to meet my hero and the 79 year old was obviously needing a break from all the attention and ducked back stage. I coulda hunted him down but he's an old man! I have standards and morals! I was just so excited to be there anyways.
I did get to meet the 16th generation Lassie and here's a fun fact for you out there in Internet land...Lassie's character, although a girl puppy (or a Bitch in technical terms) has always been played by a male dog. Male dogs are bigger and have a nicer coat according to her/his handler...psh. Whatever.
My dad had to finish business before we could blow the joint and so I decided to go have some fun with the statues out front...
Two beautiful redheads (one cast iron) in one photo...the odds....
I kinda like this guy...
Alright Saul, I couldn't get a real photo op with you so I'm just gonna take one!

On our way to the restrooms I spotted this photo and decided I wanted another photo with Saul. He doesn't realize it but he loves me :)
We are just killing time but man I loved this guy's work.
I don't care how famous of a puppet this still freaks me out. (I have a thing about puppets.)
So the red carpet is just hanging out with no one on it....PHOTO OP! I shoulda been in pictures!
Sorry for the over self indulgence of photos but hey, I'm a drama kid....this was a pretty cool deal for me...

(P.S. I know that Carl Reiner has had many more accomplishments in his life besides Ocean's 11, including the 2000 year old man which I know and almost as obssessed with. It just blew my mind that it didn't hit me before when I heard his name)

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wan said...

you are a nerd, haha!

love the faux emmys red carpet pic.