Thursday, February 7, 2008

Bad blogger...

Ok, so I've been a bad bad blogger. But I'm going to try and catch up and stay ontop of it. I think that doing this is therapeutic because I've been a bite edgy since I've been lacking recently. So I left off around my birthday time....::start the time warp:: (put your hands on your hips...hehe)

So I am not a big birthday fan. I don't like them, they always seem to let me know. So I adhere to a strict big celebrations for my birthday. This year was no exception which makes me so happy! My big celebration was when Mr. Bumblebee bought me a new laptop for my birthday present. HP Pavilion Laptop. There was a benefit to him for buying me the new laptop, he got my old one. Anywho I was happy. Then he was going to take me to my favorite restaurant in Hollywood. I love the stinking rose. Their filet mignon is do die for. I was so glad that he decided to make the drive to take me there. But then I got the best surprise EVER! When we got here my best friend and her boyfriend (Mr. Bumblebee's best friend) were there! I was surprised because the BF has been on tour with Chris Brown for the last 3 months and we all didn't know when we were going to see them. Plus they still live in SCV and we hardly see them compared to what we used to. I was so happy that I had to remind myself that I was in a public place and not to make a huge scene. During the day, Mr. Bumblebee sent me a bouquet of cookies. I love getting flowers just as much as the next girl but I'm a sucker for sending me food. Those cookies are so good! It was also a sweet surprise too. Then, my kids at my school suprised me by being all outside waiting for me to comeback from lunch and then as soon as I walked into the hallway they brought me roses and a card and 80+ kids sang me happy birthday. I was really touched by that gesture. In the card was a $50 dollar gift card from American Express. SWEET! I've only been at the job for 2 full weeks, I'm stickin' around for a while. It was a great birthday.

That weekend my parents came to visit us. Their birthday gift to me was my Disneyland Season Pass, so we went to Disneyland in the pouring rain to renew and then left. But at least I have it again now. I was without it for 2 whole months. Oye.

The next week after that is Mr. Bumblebee's birthday. He turned 25 so we threw a shin dig for him at good old Saddle Ranch. Saddle Ranch isn't known for it's amazing food or anything, more for the bull riding. But Mr. Bumblebee and I and our whole gang has been going to Saddle Ranch since our high school days. It was fun for all of us to reunite to celebrate his birthday at our old stomping grounds. However, I think that is the last time we will visit that place. I had a great time and so did Mr. Bumblebee (although he doesn't remember) but the crowd is gross. My ass was grabbed at least twice and I am just too old to deal with that shit.
I started school...sad day. It's okay though, nothing bad or good to report except that I hate buying text books.
Work is good. I have befriended one girl. She's getting married July 12 this year and so we have a lot to talk about. But her fiance and her just seem to have so much in common with Mr. Bumblebee and I. Sad thing is, S will not be around for long. She's going for her teaching credentials which means she'll eventually move onto better pastures.
Ok, I'll update more often when I can!
p.s. I got a PINK

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