Wednesday, January 16, 2008


So, this musical has been hyped up since it wasn't even out yet. People talking about how amazing the sets were and the musical numbers. I'm kinda a big drama buff, being Drama Club president and stuff. However, I learned my lesson when I got overly excited about Lion King and then wanted my money back after I sat through it. It wasn't bad, it just didn't come close to my expectations I had set for it with all of the talk. So anyways, I decided not to do that for this production, however I was anticipating something good.
Overall, it was very good. However I kept my eye open the entire time for the "great" sets and I was never happy with them. The sets were not elaborate compared to other productions I've seen. The score wasn't too impressive either. The musical numbers were very predictable but there is one thing that completely holds this production completely together and worth every penny we paid (which was a pretty one at that!). That is the story line. The story line is great! It's full of that musical theater foo foo but hell, that's why we love theater! The story line itself was not predictable, just the score.
I thought the chorus line was below mediocre. I was wondering how any of those people got casts. Elphaba (Cassie Levy) was impressive but not...OMG she's going to be huge! However, Glenda (and I'm not just saying it because she was cutesy) but she had an impressive voice but even better acting capabilities. I lost out in an audition for Cecile in The Importance of being Earnest for not being "perky" enough. It's actually really hard to play perky. But Glenda (Megan Hilty) got it to a tee. She was so perky it was annoying, just like her character should be. I've seen videos of other Glenda's singing the Popular song, but Megan took it to an entirely new level.

I would totally see this play again, I wouldn't sit in the 2 hours of traffic that we did for it again, but I'd do it if it was convenient, I might even be as bold to say that if you haven't seen it yet, its worth the couple hundred in ticket prices. And I do recommend that you sit in the Orchestra front 26 rows because there is a lot of facial gags that you couldn't get the entirety of if you sat too far away.

Anyways, we couldn't figure out a place to eat and then I realized, we are by the VELVET MARGARITA! Good times have been had there, like the first night of my bacholerette partay! So we went there for dinner, food was amazing. I don't remember much of what the food was like from my party. Anyways, I'd post pictures but I was totally distracted doing shots to think about photo ops. My family loved the restaurant and my dad was talking to the owner about how authentic the food it. He even talked about renting the outside bar for my burfday party :)

Wind out here is nuts nuts nuts! Tess has been sitting by the door all night long barking at leaves that fly by. I'd post a video but I'm too lazy to look for my usb cable to upload anything.


P.S. got tickets to see Phantom of the Opera at the OC Performing Arts (YAY!)

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