Wednesday, January 9, 2008

So my birthday is less that two weeks away and I can't believe that its that time of year again. My birthday has always kind of sucked. It's right after Christmas and it's two days after my sister's birthday. So I always got either combined birthday presents and birthday parties between those other two mildstones in my family. I have never really wanted a huge party except when I was little all I wanted was to have a pool party. And I never could because my birthday was mid January. Then one time, I had a huge birthday party planned, but due to the 1994 Northridge earthquake we had to cancel it since so many families were devestated with damage. So my birthday has never been something I got excited for, it was usually a major let down and so now I just don't care. However my dear old husband has been pressuring me about what I want to do this year for it. I can't think of anything! I think a nice dinner is about all I really would want, but he doesn't seem satisfied with that idea. So if any of you have some low key but entertaining ideas, let me know! My birthday present from my parents has always been my Disneyland season pass. This year (since Mr. Bumblebee's birthday is a week after mine anyways) they are buying both of us our season passes. However, they are waiting till the week inbetween our birthdays to give them to us. !!!!! My season pass expired on the 1st of this month. So I will have to go for an entire month without a seasons pass! I know, dumb right. Well this is the first time in about 8 years that I haven't been able to just get up and go to Disneyland.
Sucks, I love just walking around the parks and people watching. Esp. off of the BuzzLightYear ride. Couples get into the biggest fights after that ride and I love to sit there and watch the 16-18year olds coming out of that ride, the gf walking 10 feet infront of the boyfriend, arms ruined. Cracks me up.
Speaking of BuzzLightyear, anyone see this

kind of scary.
Anywho, I'm off to relax before I go to work manana.

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