Wednesday, January 2, 2008

New Years Eve

To get my mind off of the recent events, Mr. Bumblebee took me to see Sweeney Todd. Here's an amature review of the film.

First, the combination of Sondheim's grossium musical, and Tim Burton's gothic spin are just a match made in hell. This is Tim and Johnny's 6th collaboration and they just compliment each other so much. Johnny can sin. Turns out Mr. Depp is a Tenor and perfect for the roll of Sweeney Todd. Helen Boham Carter has gotten mixed reviews but I actually loved her performance. Her singing isn't amazing but it is impressive. The bloody scenes are hard to watch but hard to take your eyes away. I loved the black/white/red themes that Tim Burton put throughout the movie. I think the ending in this film is just as suprising if not more than the stage production. I also think that Tim Burton did a good job in cutting out songs from the original production that wouldn't have worked well in the film version. It was a good movie and I hope it gets the awards it deserves.

I love Johnny Depp. He is GORGEOUS! I think he is also an amazing actor too. From Benny and Joon to Cry Baby to Captain Jack Sparrow to Sweeney Todd, and don't forget Edward. He's just an amazing actor. I've loved him since 21 Jumpstreet.

Overall our new years was fun. We were at Disneyland like every year. It's important that if you choose to go to Disneyland for NYE, that you know what you are getting into. You can't go to get on rides, you are going for the experience. I love being there because everyone is in a great mood. Everyone is dancing. And usually the fireworks are amazing. This year they didn't do a full fireworks show because of the high winds and the red flag warning, totally bummer. But it was fun. It was nuts, but it was fun. And even with all of the crowds, we still got on a lot of rides. Just go with patience.

I'm starting my new job tomorrow, sad. I love to work but I don't feel well so I'm so not excited. I'll post on how it goes tomorrow. Wierd though, I'm working for a preschool and yet it's business dress....slacks and stuff. WTF? oh well, maybe I'm missing something.

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