Tuesday, February 19, 2008

Very Sad News

Very sad news came this past Sunday. Mr. Bumblebee's grandfather passed away.
During one of our last visits with him, Mr. Bumblebee gave him a handshake. His grandfather then motioned for a hug, so Mr. Bumblebee reached down to give him a hug, then in the sassy witty tone of his, he said "No! I don't want a hug from you, I want a hug from her!" and he pointed to me.

We are going to miss you Bob.

My mom always said that for every good deed you do on Earth, God puts another golden brick on your house in heaven. Bob, I hope you are enjoying your well deserved castle!

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alyssa said...

So sorry to hear about Mr. Bumblebee's grandfather. Your family is in my prayers right now.