Monday, November 2, 2009

Foot bone is Connected to the....

For the last four years, Mr. Bumblebee, My sister, and I have trekked out to Olvera Street in LA to celebrate El Dia De Los Muertos. It's a day where traditions include building private altars honoring the dead, using sugar skulls, marigolds, and including favorite foods, beverages, and toys of the dead on the alters, along with ritual dances and family gatherings, prayer and reflection. I love this holiday because it is so full of culture and I think it's beautiful. No to mention that I look for any excuse to dine at one of my favorite places any day.

When we arrived we saw a very extravagant alter that included a Mayan calender, anyone know the importance of this calender in 2 years??

We saw an adorable family getting ready to perform on the gazebo. They are dressed as skeletons because it is believed that this is the one day of the year the dead can walk among us. So many people dress as loved ones lost, or just skeletons in general.

This was on an alter of an older couple that had both passed on.

This is an alter that leads the parade.

Once the parade started, it got really busy...

The Aztecs do several dances that are truly entrancing. Usually we get great spots to watch it but this year the crowd was too much for us to deal with so we just watched a little bit and left.

This group was just bystanders but their make up and costumes were awesome. Everyone was taking photos of them.
My favorite restaurant in this area is a little place called Celito Lindo. This is what you get for 6 bucks but if they were asking $25...I'd pay it too. It's the sauce that makes it but is so good!
There is almost no sitting inside the 3 table restaurant so we opted to eat outside so we could enjoy the free entertainment. I love mariachis.
This brought back childhood memories for my sister and I.
I can't leave without some snacks for home. It is so hard to find a Vallarta in Orange County where I live. I can't even begin to tell you.
I love her.
I made my own makeshift alter this year. Next year it will be better but this had to do for now.
What did I bring home? My favorite pink pan dulces and comote. YUM!I know a lot of people don't understand this holiday and think its a bit strange but if you really look at its purpose and see it for its cultural beauty, I'm sure everyone can appreciate it. It's just a day we take to think of our loved ones who have passed. I'm sure there are those who do that everyday but this day is special for us. Hope you enjoyed your cultural lesson today :)


weezermonkey said...

How cool! I went a few years ago!

mrsbumblebee said...

Awesome. I hope you enjoyed yourself.

Sara said...

This is actually one holiday I know almost nothing about....very cool!

mrsbumblebee said...

Yay Sara! You learn something new everyday!