Friday, November 13, 2009


Things I really really case Santa's lookin'...
1. Lola Ruffle Satchel Rose: Seat belt bags are like my "thing". I have fallen in love with this new style of seat belt bag and would love one. However this is a big ticket item at $178 bucks.
2. Personalized Cupcake Stamp: Ah! I love this cupcake stamp. How cute is it? Very pricey but I haven't found anything else like it, $45.
3. VS Pink Cupcake Tee: This cupcake tee screams my name. It's VS so it's pricey for a tee at $40 bucks.
4. Stop Staring Exquisite Lace Dress: I've wanted this dress forever. I love this company, their dresses fit on my perfectly. It's expensive at $140.
5. Cupcake Carrier: I already have a cupcake carrier and a cake carrier but neither of them can be interchangeable and neither of them collapse. You also can't decorate the cupcake high with my other carriers because the second layer always smashes the first layer. This is a tall collapsible interchangeable carrier, a lot of my problems solves. $30.
6. Cupcake Bicycle Bell: Mr. Bumblebee is working on a custom beach cruiser for me and this is the thing I want most for it. Reasonable at $22 bucks.
7. Bumblebee Coinpurse: Perfect. Not bad from Anthropologie for $28 bucks.
8. Mad Hatter Necklace: I have a thing for the Mad Hatter, maybe it's because I'm a psych at $16.
9. Candy Jars: Oh my, these are so cute. Ranging from $25-$35.
10. Up BlueRay: Love this movie and have to continue my Disney Film Collection. Prices vary on store.
11. Ocean's 11, 12, & 13 BlueRay: I love these movies. I only own the first one on DVD...would love the collections on bluray. Prices vary.
12. Marie Antoinette DVD: I love this movie and I don't own it. I keep renting it and it doesn't make sense anymore. Prices vary.
13. Pirates of the Caribbean Trilogy BluRay: I love Johnny Depp and would love to watch him in HD with surround sound...yum. Prices Vary.
14. Monsters, Inc. BlueRay: If I ever did decide that I might what a child, I'd want it to be Boo. I love this movie. Prices vary.
15. Juicy Cupcake Necklace: More cupcake stuff I must get my hands on. $48.
16. Grandfather Watch Necklace: This would be ideal at work. $20
16. Coconut Flower Candle: This is a $20 candle but it smells soooo good. It is my favorite thing in my home right now and we are almost out. If this was all I got from anyone this year, I'd be happy about it.

Ok Santa Baby, I've been an awfully good girl this year...

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