Friday, September 30, 2011

Happily Ever After - The Force is With Them

My cousin J and I are very similar. So of course I was in love with some of the elements they decided to include in their wedding. 

Their table assignments were rides at Disneyland. My cousin knows me so well and put my family and I at the Star Tours table. Hell ya!
 She had everyone sign this plate instead of a guestbook, very cute and clever.
 There were the wooden spoons we burned for them. We may or may not have a little side business ;)
 The view from their location was gorgeous! The weather was yucky all morning long but cleared up just in time for the ceremony to start.
 Bumblebee Sister and "The Boyfriend"
 Bumblebee Parents
 Just waiting for the party to start.
 There he is! The groom. He looked so ready to get married.
 The ring bearer, my cousin's son, did a fantastic job!
 Here she comes!

 This is part of my gorgeous family.
 Godfather, Bumblebee Sis, and me
 Dad and his girls
 Uncle and nieces. 

 Wooo hooo Star Wars Table!
 Cousin J and I at Disneyland of course :)
 This lady cracks me up!
 Cousins!! YAY!

 The money dance...worth every penny!
I had so much fun at this wedding with my loud crazy family. I have been so busy, I've had little time for certain people and that makes me sad. Especially when I have so much fun when I am with them. I can't wait for the next family gathering...

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Sara said...

Ahhh thats a gorgeous wedding venue! My cousin also got married there last year! Looked like a fun wedding love the Star Wars :)