Tuesday, March 25, 2008

Day Cut Short

So I decided a couple of days ago that I was going to treat myself to a little shopping spree. I was going to pull a couple hundred out and spend it entirely on me. I have spent so much time with the two dogs, bills, cleaning, school work, work in general. I just wanted to take a day to myself. So I was planning on coming home from class today and taking the rest of the day for myself. Well, as luck would have, yesterday we had such low numbers at the school my boss asked if I wanted to head out early...hell ya! My husband and I commute to work together so I wasn't going to be able to head out early but I knew of an Old Navy down the street in a shopping center.

Old Navy is having a huge sale and while I'm not typically a huge fan of theirs, I decided to at least check it out. I'm pretty happy with my purchases, only three. I spent next to nothing. I love finding cheap clothes.

I saw these dress on the 15.99 and under rack and scooped it up. It was marked for 12.99 and it was a perfect fit! I need some longer dresses to wear at work and something light since I stand on a playground for about 3 hours out of the day.

This top was only 4.99 and I loved the color and these cute Bermuda shorts were 14.90 (?) marked 40% off! Please excuse the white legs! I have to tan.

So after I checked out I walked along the shopping center and came across a Golden Spoon. I could not resist. Late February, Bumblebee SIL mentioned that they had a new flavor out for testing and we called 10+ local GS, none of which has the new flavor in stock yet. So we'd figured we'd have to wait till summer to test out the new flavor. As soon as I walked into GS, I saw this sign and grabbed my blackberry and snapped away.
YAY! So I got a mini Simply Tart flavor to test it out. While SIL was visiting us and we tried out the highly talked about America's Cup yogurt place. While it was not an aesthetically pleasing place to be in, it was a lot of fun. The wall was full of flavors of every single type. Including a tart flavor, and a strawberry tart flavor. Both of which were tried and yummy. Very cheesecake like.

Excuse the brat who decided to walk in front of my camera and then later cut in front of us at check out...

This picture is only one third of what they actually had, you think of it....they had it.
Overall, I wasn't unimpressed but definitely not impressed. It was just a cool experience. The biggest difference is that its priced by weight. So that can be a good thing or a bad thing for you. Depending on what toppings you like.

Anyways, back to Golden Spoon, I actually prefer America's Cup's tart flavor to Golden Spoon but it was delicious anyways.

And at that point Mr. Bumblebee picked me up and we headed home.

Today I am actually sick, skipped school and still laying around hoping I feel better by tomorrow for work. Three of our students yesterday were complaining that they didn't feel well so I have a bad feeling I got whatever they had.

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