Thursday, March 13, 2008

Tinkerbell Stuck!!

This past Sunday, my parents and I met up at Disneyland in the early evening because we had heard something interesting and wanted to check it out. Apparently on Saturday, Tinkerbell got stuck on the way down from the Matterhorn! My friend, who was there said, "She tried to play along for a few minutes but after about 5 minutes the spotlight on her went off and she went limp". She hung there for another 5 minutes or so before she started her slow decent that was reportedly looked like she was on a "laundry line".
Tinkerbell makes bank every night that she flies and I would do anything to be her just once. But wow...that would suck.
So we headed out to see if she was going to be flying that night, and she did! Can you imagine that poor girl/guy (yes, sometimes Tinkerbell is played by a guy) wondering if it was going to be a repeat of the previous night? Actually, the more I think about, that person who got stuck probably got a week off paid and this was the back up. Probably wasn't even told about what had happened. He/she was just told that the lead was sick and that he/she had to fill in. One thing for sure is that the perfect day at Disneyland includes fireworks and a Tinkerbell flight and so it was good that the children and people who drove miles were not disappointed.
See how my head imagines all the scenarios...I'm working on my problem.

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