Thursday, March 13, 2008


Tucker loved the dog park. I thought he was going to be clingy to Tess but the second we took him off of his leash, he was off. And to our surprise, he went after every single big dog that there was. He would just ram them and bit their ears. I was waiting for another dog to turn around a bite him back so I stood around and stalked him the entire time. However, they were all very tolerant of him. He still has to learn good "doggie-manners." So they played for about an hour and then as the saying goes..."play hard, sleep harder" Tucker just laid on the ground and we knew it was our cue. We packed up and went home. We were just around the corner when I looked into the backseat and they were both out. They came in, ate dinner, and went back to sleep. They just now woke up again at 10:45. I'd say that was a pretty successful mission!

Onto other news, I am so excited for Sunday! A huge part of my childhood was going to museums. My family lived in Palmdale and as it was going down hill and no longer safe, my parents took us out every single weekend to keep our mind off of those things. Thankfully. So we were always going to museums, observatories, zoos, and other fun day-adventures.

Mr. Bumblebee has never really been to that many museums unless it was for school. So Mr. Engineer himself has never even been to the Science Center in downtown LA. I know he'd love it. So when I found out the new BodyWorks was going to be there, I thought this was the perfect opportunity to head out that way.

I'm so nervous that I am going to be grossed out. I find this stuff fascinating but I don't have the strongest stomach either. I'm going to give it a try anyways. We got tickets online so cross your fingers I don't yak in the middle of the exhibit.

For lunch we are going for dim sum at a restaurant my parents recommended. I don't remember the name but my dad gave me directions. Then we are going back to the Exposition Park to go to the Areo Museum since that is one that I have never been to. Then for dinner, good old Olvera Street. I live my life for the opportunities to eat Celito Lindo.

This will be the first weekend in a long time that I've spent a day in LA. Even though I didn't live there I spent my life there. Luckily we were only in Palmdale a few years while it was bad, we were able to sell our house and move. But I'm glad that I was able have those weekends because of it.

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