Sunday, June 8, 2008

Friday = Happy Hour!

It was a long work week for me. One of my favorite coworkers (they are all my favorite) is getting married next month and leaving us for good to finish up school. I am going to miss her so much. S's fiance was out on his bachelor party so we were all meeting up at the local El Torito for Happy Hour with her.

Confession: I h.a.t.e. El Torito. I really just hate texican. Can't stand the stuff. But I made an exception to have happy hour there since it was close by and the longest, it went till 8pm!

Good looking group for a bunch of ladies who just spent the past 9 hours with children under 4 huh?

Since Mr. Bumblebee works down the street from me (literally) we met up and went together. V also brought her hubby and they hit it off big time! They are such a fun couple, I can see us hanging out a lot more often.

We came home around 9pm and got a call from my parents. They were visiting my sister in Long Beach and wanted to meet up with us for dessert. Hell Ya! We met up with them at BJs on 2nd Street (favorite place to hang out in Long Beach) and heavily enjoyed a Pazookie.

Headed home after that and came home to surprisingly sleepy puppies. I expected them to be so full of energy since we were gone almost all day long but they were very needy and sleepy. I wonder what they were up to all day long...


That Girl said...

I wish my pup was the same way. We were gone most of the day Saturday and when we got home he decided since he had slept all day, we should ALL be up ALL night!

Laura said...

Yeah I have the opposite problem. We come home and they decide we need to make up for all the play time we missed out on.