Monday, June 9, 2008

Lazy Day

Saturday we slept in. I don't think we got up before 11am which is really late for us. It was so nice! The dogs even slept in but they weren't tired for long. Eventually they were ready to get out and have some fun.

Our local dog park has been closed for a month. So we decided to try a new dog park. We headed out to the Laguna Hills dog park.

On my grading of dog parks, this particular one gets an C.

It was right on the 133 and the traffic is heavy and scary. There is no parking lot so we had to park on this huge street. Imagine my horror to unload my pups on that huge street please. If they got away from me for one second (which they never would, but you never know), they would have been history. I was so uptight about the whole thing. You also have to pay for the meter parking on the scary street. There are two parks but the small dog park was TINY. So we had to put them in the big dog park. The park butts up right to a hill and my dogs wanted to climb it the whole time. So most of my time was spent chasing them from the hill. No sitting areas, no shade. The major plus was the great grass.

So while I worried about them the whole time we were there, they had a blast.


Laura said...

So cute!

That Girl said...

That's my least favorite dog park in OC. I don't mind Laguna Canyon road or the meters, but I don't like the unenclosed side.

We used to go to the Laguna Niguel one, off of Crown Valley. It's my favorite.