Thursday, June 12, 2008

Peter Pan

Sorry for the blogging slump. I have just be overly tired the last few days. I'm back in the swing of things again though. Just needed a few days of sleep.

Anyways, back to my weekend.

Sunday we decided to watch the Laker game some place fun. So we headed out to the ESPN Zone on Downtown Disney. We left early because we heard that there was a "soft opening" for the new ride at Disney's California Adventure.

When we got to Downtown Disney we found that there was a car show going on! Mr. Bumblebee was fairly excited to say the least. Give him a V8 and some chrome and the boy is good. However, the cars were a let down for our style. It was mostly stock cars and we prefer the hot-rod selection.

Here are a few that caught our eyes though:
We got to the ESPN Zone and it was just nuts. I don't know what the hell we expected but we watched the game until it got rowdy and decided to walk around the park, I was feeling a churro anyways.

We actually headed to Fantasyland (a place we usually avoid like the plague) because Mr. Bumblebee couldn't remember anything about the Peter Pan ride (one of my favorites!). Took some fun pictures there:

Then came the time that I was told they might be letting guests onto the new ride. We headed over there and were DENIED! So sad. Oh well, looks cool from the outside.

So we went home after that and called it a night. Glad we didn't stick around the ESPN Zone since the Lakers lost and I didn't want to be harassed further by the "other" fans.

Fun day overall.


WeezerMonkey said...

Hey, do you have a seatbelt bag? Do you like it?

If that isn't a seatbelt bag, please disregard. ;)

That Girl said...

He doesn't remember Peter Pan? But its sooo trippy! DH calls all the dark rides "raver rides" I call them "make out central"

alyssa said...

Isn't is awesome to have an annual pass to Disneyland? Just go for a couple hours and then leave...the perfect way to experience that crazy place :)