Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekend Recap - Friday

Remember back to when there was the Stamp Unveiling...through a slew of fortunate events, I ended up getting 2 tickets into Disneyland that would expire on the 15th of August. Family and friends bailed out on me and then I remembered my coworker V. We met up with V and her hubby R one night after work for Happy Hour and we all got along great. After talking all night we found out the R is from the same neck of the woods that Mr. Bumblebee and I are from. Mr. Bumblebee even went to the same high school as R. So I asked if they were interested in meeting us there on Friday night and they were game!
I have never been so happy that other people flaked on me. Inviting R and V was the best idea ever! They are basically carbon copies of Mr. Bumblebee and I. We have the same humor, style, look on life, and grasp on reality. It was a joyous night and it better happen again soon!!

Here is our photo from Space Mountain, V...please don't kill me.
R and V are behind Mr. Bumblebee and I.

Ya, we are a wild bunch.

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