Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Weekend Recap - Saturday

We got up early Saturday morning and headed to the Rainbow Store. My beloved pets had devoured 2 pairs in 2 weeks and I needed replacements. I can't say it was there fault. I left them out. In our house, anything on the ground when left alone for longer that 2 hours is fair game for Tess and Tucker.

Afterwards we decided to take the "kids" to the dog park to get some wiggles out. Usually it's nuts at the park on the weekends but to our pleasant surprise, it was dead. The kids romped and chased. Tess is kind of our "special" kid. She isn't big in interacting with other dogs. She just stalks around smelling poles dreaming of ligers. Tucker is "dog-park security". Anytime a new dog enters he must greet them and give them the run around.

I'm pretty sure Tucker has the longest tongue ever...it's kinda gross.

After the dogs were worn out we dropped them off at home and headed out to Westwood. YAY!

UCLA football scrimmage at Drake Stadium. Not my favorite stadium, no good food! Overall, I'm just going to say that I am "optimistic" about this season.

....HEY! It's a rebuilding year for us!! haha.

My sister was set on finding a hot UCLA football player boy toy all day long. Being recently single, she's ready to jump back into the game. GO B.B.!

Not too many exciting opportunities were available. The girlfriends swarmed their players like flies on poop. They were so busy grabbing their "honey's" hand and rubbing his back as he signed autographs. However, we did run into the new coach, Rick who is thinner that the last time I met him. This picture makes me blue/gold blooded daddy proud (if he turns out to be a decent coach).

After the scrimmage we headed out to 3rd St. for dinner and shopping. I found an adorable tank top from a fashion boutique, Kira Plastininia, that was started be a 15 year old Russian girl. Amazing!

Recently, Victoria Secrets has jumped onto the wagon for collegiate wear and is now selling NCAA clothing. I got one of the 2 styles they have for UCLA a month ago and got the second style on Saturday night. They are perfect because they are so thin, but for day games they are perfect.
After that we dropped my sister back at her place and headed home to ours. No rainbows perished today. YAY!


alyssa said...

What a seriously full, but fun day!

Trisha said...

Totally fun day! I was at the scrimmage, too :) I was way inappropriately dressed since I came from a baby shower, but there!

If you're at the game tomorrow, maybe I'll see you around :)