Sunday, August 10, 2008

When you wish upon a stamp....

So my dad works for Uncle Sam in the post office as an executive. He's been there forever. He's got some great perks and if you ask me this is always the best. The Disney Stamp unveiling was at Disneyland this year and we've been to previous stamp unveiling before there. This one, just as the previous, was not a disappointment. Even those who hate Disney have to admit that they put a pretty damn good show on. I am always surprised how far they go for this event.

This wristbands means I've a VIP and the people behind me aren't!
(I was excited about this)
My copy of the first day issuance. Being a postal kid, I've got a lot of these.

(P.S. check out those lovely natural nails...still going strong!)

Stage before the show began. The seating was for those only with wristbands but there was plenty of standing room otherwise. However, those sitting down were served drinks. ::Giddy::

Stage after the unveiling. Each of the stamps "came to life" which was cute, but my favorite part was when Pongo came to life. IT'S A PUPPY! It was adorable because the dogs had no clue there was a script. They were sort of uncontrollable but still stole the crowds' hearts.

That is the Post Master General (high up dude) and the VP of Imagineering for Disney stamping the cancellation of the stamps for a photo op. They brought the pup up there and it was hilarious. He was eating the stamps by the sheets and just causing havoc. Everyone was in good humor about it though. At least he didn't pee on the table like Tess would have.

We had a great time that day. While my dad had to make his rounds and do some mandatory mingling, he took the rest of the day off (annual leave) to hang out with us in the park. We brought clothes to change into of course, no way was I going to wear heels at Disneyland.

Seeing that pup though made me miss my girl all day long.


WeezerMonkey said...

Love that dalmatian pup!

alyssa said...

I love that you went to the stamp unveiling :) So fun!