Monday, January 18, 2010

The best thing about me....

Ok. So, I'm pretty insecure about my looks...go ahead flame away...but one thing I always feel confident is my hair. What can I say, I have nice hair. Everywhere I go I get compliments on the thickness and color (which is natural btw tyvm). The best thing about my hair is that it grows really fast and I can usually make any style work. When I first met Mr. Bumblebee I had long hair, about a year after dating I cut it off and had it short till we got married in 2007. I grew it out for the wedding and I haven't cut it since, besides healthy trims. It's now long. Really long. Mr. Bumblebee loves it. I love it. Tons of people love it. But...I'm itching to cut it short. Help me decide!

Circa 2005

Middle of 2005

Tail end of 2004

Sunday at the bark park

What do you think? To cut or not to cut?


weezermonkey said...

I love long hair. I hated my own chop and am waiting for it to grow out.

But I think you look cute either way. In any event, it's just hair -- it will grow back. :)

Sara said...

it looks really cute short...I say go for it. As the wise WM will grow back! :)

Katie said...

i like your hair long! i have the same dilemma, except my hair grows painfully slow, so deciding to cut it is a much bigger deal.

Laura said...

I think it looks good long. I made the mistake of chopping my hair recently and I regret it.

Cat said...

keep it long, girl! from someone who has had short or shortish hair for the past 8 years, it is a pain in the booooootay to grow it back. you are gorgeous and glamorous with long hair!