Monday, January 4, 2010

Did you say "Bark Park"?

My puppies are the best....sorry they just are. They are cute, well behaved (for the most part), and very smart.

Mr. Bumblebee and I have to be very careful about what words we use around the dogs.
Some examples:

Mr. B: What did you want for dinner?
Me: Oh, are you getting hungry?
::pooches dash to their bowls and sit nicely in front of them::
We ask the pups if they are hungry and now have associated the word with getting we can't ask each other anymore if the other is hungry...we could but we'd be looking at some pretty sad faces if it isn't around their meal time.

Mr. B: ::yawn::
Me: Are you ready for bed?
::pooches dash to their beds and lay patiently::
We tell the pups to go to bed and they lay on their bed nicely, so reward them with a cookie. Now we spell out b-e-d.

Mr. B: What's wrong babe?
Me: oh my leg hurts from the walk I took earlier....
::pooches dash to the front door and wait for their leashes to be put on::
They heard walk...

One thing that we love to say is "Bark Park". These guys know what that means and they get so excited, it's just too cute. They whimper the second we hit the light we turn on to get to the bark park.
Today was no different, and they had a blast!

I am so grateful I have healthy and happy pups. This little girl was at the park and I had a nice conversation with her owner. This is Bella, she'll be 2 years old on January 15th. We think. Bella was dropped off at a vet when she was about 5 months old with a wire wrapped around her leg so tightly, that she ended up loosing her leg. The vet found her a lovely home and now this little girl is thriving. She was running all over the park, rolling on the grass, and enjoying herself. While this little girl has a happy ending, it's hard not to think of the thousands of puppies that don't.

One of the best parts of my life is my pups.

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