Tuesday, January 19, 2010

The best thing about this week...

Is that it is short! Haha. I had Monday off for MLK Jr. Day and I have Friday off because it's my BIRTHDAY! WHOOHOO!
Weird to think that one year ago, I was enjoying my birthday pool party in 80 degree weather and today we had a tornado in Orange County, CA. At least it keeps me on my toes...

Thank you everyone with the opinions on my next haircut. I have not yet made up my mind and my haircut is on Friday. So I'll keep you posted with finally opinion.

Hope you are all staying dry!

Monday, January 18, 2010

The best thing about me....

Ok. So, I'm pretty insecure about my looks...go ahead flame away...but one thing I always feel confident is my hair. What can I say, I have nice hair. Everywhere I go I get compliments on the thickness and color (which is natural btw tyvm). The best thing about my hair is that it grows really fast and I can usually make any style work. When I first met Mr. Bumblebee I had long hair, about a year after dating I cut it off and had it short till we got married in 2007. I grew it out for the wedding and I haven't cut it since, besides healthy trims. It's now long. Really long. Mr. Bumblebee loves it. I love it. Tons of people love it. But...I'm itching to cut it short. Help me decide!

Circa 2005

Middle of 2005

Tail end of 2004

Sunday at the bark park

What do you think? To cut or not to cut?

Saturday, January 16, 2010


Sorry I've been MIA. I've been fighting another cold and it's a week till my birthday so I've been trying to sleep this thing off. Anyways, I hope this will excuse my absence. Here is Tuck-man dreaming of something good...his tail is waggling while he's sound asleep...::everyone together "AWWWWW"::

Tuesday, January 12, 2010

It musta been a full moon...

Tess was in rare form the other night. She has really really mellowed out and is basically a couch potato. However, the other night....she got a bug up her butt and went nuts. This carried on for almost half an hour. We had just been to the bark park prior, she had gotten her routine walks, what possessed her to go nuts...we have yet to figure out. But she flipped out. In the video you can hear me talking to my mom telling her the dog is possessed. Tucker was even dodging her and usually he's down to play. Enjoy the video...please ignore my shrieking in the back.

Monday, January 11, 2010

In the year 3000...

I can be easily amused with new and novel items, esp. techie ones. That being said, you can imagine my delight when we were out to dinner the other night and this was where I got to fill my beverage cup.
This, my friends, is a new fountain drink dispenser with over 100 choices to choose from.
Each of those buttons will take you to another screen with more options within that drink. It was just too much fun to play with.
Even a special button for good ol' H2O.
I finally opted for plain old Sprite, but I think I tasted some other flavor from the drink before mine in it. Mr. Bumblebee couldn't taste it but I'm pretty sure I tasted some raspberry.

After a long long day of house hunting, this made my night. It's the little things in life people...

(On a side note, we are in full swing of house hunting...::gulp:: we are big kids now!)

Sunday, January 10, 2010

The best thing about today...

Is that it's over. Don't get me wrong...it was a GREAT day. But house hunting is so exhausting. I'm glad to be looking for a house, I just hate the process. Goodnight everyone! Hope you have a great week ahead!

Saturday, January 9, 2010

I'm a Seahawks Fan!

As a bruin, I'm inclined to post about how much this is going to change the dynamics of of college football in So Cal. If you haven't heard by now, (the BEST news ever) USC football head coach, Pete Carroll, is leaving for the Seattle Seahawks. Rumors have it that his quick departure has to do with the uprising of claims against the integrity of the school's recruiting tactics.
Not exactly thrilled that we need the head coach of USC to leave before we might have a winning chance, I'm gonna take this opportunity and be positive with it. We were an awesome team until Terry Donahue left and now we are still rebuilding....welcome to the club USC. Glad to have ya around.


Friday, January 8, 2010

A new project...

I have the best Mom. She is one of the most beautiful people I know. (Hi mom, I know u read this)
Anyways, for her 50th birthday coming up in June she gets an extra special gift from me....
A Quilt!
This is the quilt I've started, but in different colors which will remain a secret from my mom till her birthday.

It's not a huge surprise. She knows about it because I've asked her what she wanted. My mom and I are not good at keeping secrets from each other and so I just asked her. She won't see the finished project until her actual birthday. Anyways...to the best marmee ever...HAPPY (early) BIRTHDAY!

Thursday, January 7, 2010

The best things in life are free...Love

One of the best things in my life...

Love you Am!

Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Paging Dr. Bumblebee...

By the very end of 2009, I was ready to kick it to the curb. It wasn't a bad year, but it wasn't our best year either. On the 29th, poor Mr. Bumblebee got sick. Real sick. Like really really sick. By the next morning, he couldn't keep water down and we knew it was time to head off to the hospital. After 3 liters of saline and multiple tests, we were finally able to take him home.

I have to confess, I really think this was the first time I really FELT like a wife. Sure I cook us dinner, and I'm usually the one vacuuming...but I was Mr. Bumblebee's only advocate at the hospital and so I was chasing down nurses for more blankets, and for his hourly check ups. I was making the phone calls to family. And even though I knew he'd be fine at the end of the day, I was worried about him, immensely.
As soon as we got home, he went straight to sleep while I ran to the super market to stock up on all the necessities the doctors told me he needed to have. And I prepared the BEST thing for when you are sick.....
Homemade Chicken Noodle Soup

I actually don't think Chicken Noodle is the best, when I'm sick Pozole is what I want. But the doctor gave me strict orders to give him non-spicy clear liquid foods....

FYI: My chicken noodle turned out to be the best I had ever had.

Rest assured friends, Mr. Bumblebee is feeling like 100% now and back to eating solid, spicy foods.

Tuesday, January 5, 2010

The best thing about yesterday...

Well, lets be honest here...it was the first Monday of 2010. Not only that, it was the first day back to work after 10 glorious days off for me. So, the best thing about yesterday didn't ever have the chance of being too exciting...until I stopped at Target...
:: SQUEAL!:: These babies were $2.50! How can you possibly go wrong with cupcake mitts for $2.50? You can't.

Unfortunately I learned the hard way that these are mainly for aesthetic purposes...pulling chicken out of the oven tonight with my cupcake mitt didn't make for a pleasant experience. But they are still so worth it.

Monday, January 4, 2010

Did you say "Bark Park"?

My puppies are the best....sorry they just are. They are cute, well behaved (for the most part), and very smart.

Mr. Bumblebee and I have to be very careful about what words we use around the dogs.
Some examples:

Mr. B: What did you want for dinner?
Me: Oh, are you getting hungry?
::pooches dash to their bowls and sit nicely in front of them::
We ask the pups if they are hungry and now have associated the word with getting food...so we can't ask each other anymore if the other is hungry...we could but we'd be looking at some pretty sad faces if it isn't around their meal time.

Mr. B: ::yawn::
Me: Are you ready for bed?
::pooches dash to their beds and lay patiently::
We tell the pups to go to bed and they lay on their bed nicely, so reward them with a cookie. Now we spell out b-e-d.

Mr. B: What's wrong babe?
Me: oh my leg hurts from the walk I took earlier....
::pooches dash to the front door and wait for their leashes to be put on::
They heard walk...

One thing that we love to say is "Bark Park". These guys know what that means and they get so excited, it's just too cute. They whimper the second we hit the light we turn on to get to the bark park.
Today was no different, and they had a blast!

I am so grateful I have healthy and happy pups. This little girl was at the park and I had a nice conversation with her owner. This is Bella, she'll be 2 years old on January 15th. We think. Bella was dropped off at a vet when she was about 5 months old with a wire wrapped around her leg so tightly, that she ended up loosing her leg. The vet found her a lovely home and now this little girl is thriving. She was running all over the park, rolling on the grass, and enjoying herself. While this little girl has a happy ending, it's hard not to think of the thousands of puppies that don't.

One of the best parts of my life is my pups.

Sunday, January 3, 2010

It's January right?

The best thing about living in Southern California in January is....
77 degrees on January 3rd....what more could you ask for?

Maybe a heated ocean???

Saturday, January 2, 2010

A little black dress...

Keeping with the theme of this month, the best thing under the tree for me this year was...
well, I was a very lucky girl this year and I got a ton of nice things. My family was too generous and I loved every single thing I got...these people know me so well. One of my favorite things was what Mr. Bumblebee got me. I had wanted a dress from Stop Staring Clothing forever. Finally, Mr. Bumblebee endulged me and got me this little number:
I am madly in love with it. It fits my body so nicely and I can't wait to find reasons to wear this adorable dress.
Thanks again Mr. Bumblebee!

Friday, January 1, 2010

Welcome 2010

I'm gonna try and follow the NaBloPoMo theme this month so here goes...

The theme for January is "best" in anyway you interpret it.

The best thing about 2010 is gonna be: