Wednesday, January 28, 2009

It's my party....

Having a birthday January isn't bad in itself. It's only bad when the only thing you've ever wanted since 2nd grade was a pool party and having a birthday in January. That's all I have ever wanted. All of my friends growing up had birthdays in the summer months, I went to pool party after pool party and longed for my own. But living in the high desert in January, it usually snowed on my birthday. When this freak warm weather appeared last week, it figured that right when I was too old to have a pool party, the weather would have been perfect. To bad I'm too old for one right?....
Mr. Bumblebee and I had made plans to head out to the dessert with his family. It just happened to work out that the weather was going to be great so we were pretty excited. And it was gorgeous when we got there.

As we turn the corner where the community pool is for the family's desert house is, Mr. Bumblebee stops and rolls down the car window. "Hey, what's all that??". I look (damn eyesight) and see everyone there at the pool. "Hurry, lets get to the house and change so we can go swimming too!" Mr. Bumblebee so calmly says "Look closer..." I see balloons, presents and a huge banner that says "HAPPY BIRTHDAY MRS. BUMBLEBEE!" EEK! My husband planned a surprise pool birthday party for me! It was just his side of the family but it meant so much to me that they all came and participated for me! The whole thing was so sweet, and it even included my favorite Bumblebee Balloon!

I hate to admit, but I'm not easy to surprise. I love to figure them out and I actively seek out information when I know someone is planning something for me. This time, I HAD NO IDEA! I was totally surprised. Mr. Bumblebee was quite pleased with himself. I started to open presents before we went to the house to change, Bumblebee In laws were overly generous and got me a sewing machine...AH! I've been dying for my own since I've been borrowing my mother's on and off. So excited!
I got yummy brownies for a cake and even had candles to blow out! It was so sweet and so thoughtful!
I got to lounge at the pool with Bumblebee MIL all day practically. It was so enjoyable. The weather was perfect, the pool was sparkling, and I was with my family! Mr. Bumblebee played a round of golf and when he got back we had a great dinner with my favorite potato dish. Yum! Then we played Scene It! Where I kicked some major butt if I do say so myself. It's kinda of embarrassing to be that big of a movie buff. We toasted Bumblebee SIL and FBumblebeeBIL's engagement and had a great time.
After we left, Mr. Bumblebee and I stopped in a Casino just to get out some gambling desires we had. We came out with 2 dollars more than we had after 1 hour of gambling. NOT BAD!
It was such a good weekend and I love love love love Mr. Bumblebee even more for remembering my desire for a pool party and surprising me with one. Apparently you are not too old for a pool party at 24.


That Girl said...

I love Mr. Bumblebee for remembering your pool party desires too!

Monkey Memories said...

Happy Belated Birthday! You're definitely not too old for a pool party, I celebrated my 30th with a Mickey Mouse themed party!