Friday, January 16, 2009

Did someone say Chorizo?

Last Sunday morning we called my little sister to see if she wanted to meet up in Seal Beach. While attending CSULB, we had found a little gem. Now, I'm not gonna rave about this place because it's nothing too much to rave about. But it definitely met college student standards, it's reliable, and it's yummy. Nick's has been on Main Street in Seal Beach for forever it seems. They have newspaper clippings that they are mentioned in on the counters and walls. I have only ordered something other than their famed "Breakfast Burrito" a few times, but their sandwiches and salads are very good too. All the items are fresh and made to order. If you make it out to Nick's on a Saturday or Sunday morning, be prepared to wait a while. Full of surfers and half sober college students, it's a hopping place between 8-11am. They close at 4pm I believe so don't wait too long to get there.

The inside is nothing fancy but they do have 2-3 t.v.'s showing the latest sport games on. They have a small eating area inside, a few chairs in front of the store, and a newly acquired patio to the right. It's still very hard to find seating so you'll find a lot of people eating on benches around the area or on the curb. The beach is only a block away so it's great to get it to-go and have a picnic.

This is their famous breakfast burrito. Comes in a huge homemade tortilla, huevos, chorizo, bacon, cheese, y papas. Mmmm...muy sabroso! I don't care how bad chorizo is for you...I love the stuff!! Everything is evenly distributed in the burrito. It's one of my pet-peeves to bite into a burrito and get a solid taste of one of the ingredients and so on...I want bites with everything in them.

We decided to walk afterwards, the pups were with us and needed to get some wiggles out.
For those who are curious, my sister is doing well. So well that I'm surprised "it" even happened. For the most part, you couldn't tell. There are a few times when it's evident. She still has some issues to work out, but my goodness...she's a rock.
Before we left, we attempted to walk the dogs along the beach. However, Ms. Tess' mission to ride the OC of all bird life kicked in and we had to get her out of there pronto before she killed me or a bird.
I used to HATE the idea of living anywhere but LA. Now that I'm in the OC, it's starting to grow on me. We just gotta make a lot of trip to LA.


Klucky said...

Oh we have a place like that here! I can't recall the name of it (nor do I think I could pronounce it), but their breakfast burritos are the size of a guy's forearm and they're like $4!
Its hilarious when we go because my husband doesn't speak a word of spanish & just hasn't figured out that when he orders sausage that he's gonna get chorizo!

That Girl said...

I think every college has a place like Nick's nearby. For us, it was Headliners.