Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Delurking is Delightful!

Apprently, Delurking Day was Monday. I'm late on this but I wanna know who is reading my blog. I know some of you are and aren't commenting...let me know who you are and I'll give you a shoutout! Comeon' it for the puppies:


Klucky said...

OK I've commented once or twice but didn't want you to think I was some total stranger commenting on your blog. (BTW in case you hadn't figured it out I'm LadyKluck from LP - "real" name is Dena.)

Katie said...

yo. I read your blog =)its katie, from bella via...and mine is if you are ever interested in reading about my utterly fascinating life =)

That Girl said...

I don't think I need to delurk - I think it's a little creepy to lurk and not post - like someone watching you through your window!

Monkey Memories said...

LVBelle from LP here! :) And I agree with you 100% about even distribution in burritos! I had one from Del Taco today that was not even and it made me mad! And I'm going to see Phantom next month here in Vegas!