Saturday, January 17, 2009

Dog Day Afternoon

Well, this blog is entitled Puppy Lovin' Reflections. Since the new year started, I haven't mentioned our beloved Tess and Tucker a whole lot. Rest easy, they are doing well. Thanksgiving morning we woke up to another Cherry Eye for Tucker. Ugh. He went into surgery the next day and is 100% better now. They were spoiled rotten during Christmas and loved having me home for about 2 weeks while I was off of work.
This past weekend there was a Cocker Spaniel Meet at our local Irvine Dog park. We hauled our kids over there to join the fun. There was probably 30+ Cocker Spaniels there. It was a blast.
Between Tess and Tucker, Tess is the only one who cares about fetching...even then she holds the ball so lightly in her mouth because she hates the dirt on it. After she drops it, she "spits" all the dirt out and shakes her head. Mommy's girl.
Get Ready....

I have a special place in my heart for weenies. Ask my cousin Amber about it. I saw this old timer with her little vest, her name was Spoli. She was soooo cute! She went up to everyone, barely able to walk, greeting and wagging her tail. She had horrible cataracts and couldn't hear for the life of her but she was a sweetheart! I love her little vest too.

Some of my favorite parts...she was filthy after this day.
Tess isn't much of a social pup. She's the dog that if she were human, she'd be off in a corner with her Lisa Frank folders talking about Ligers. But that is just one more reason I love her to pieces.
My kids. One of the few photos we got of Tuck...he was sooo busy hanging out with the other puppies that he never held still long enough.
We had such a good time talking to the other humans and watching all the puppies together. There is something about Cocker Spaniels and their wiggles that makes me melt. The pups came home that day and knocked out for the rest of the day and the whole day after. That, my friends, is the reason we do these playdates.


WeezerMonkey said...

I love doggie pics.

Laura said...

Your pups are so darn cute!