Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Vroom Vroom!

I wanted to start the New Year off on a good foot. I wanted to make this year about my husband and I. We've gone through a lot this past year and it made us stronger than I ever thought we could be. He's my best friend. So I wanted to give him a day. I know he's wanted to go to the Petersen Museum in Hollywood for sometime. When I heard they were doing an America's Most Beautiful Roadsters collection gallery, I knew we had to make a trip there. He was so stoked.

P.S. Sadly, after I uploaded this photos, I realized that I am wearing EXACTLY what I wore on New Year's Eve. This Bumblebee has more than 1 outfit and I do laundry all the time. This is what I wore strictly because it accentuated my new Cupcake Shoes perfectly. Just so you know...

Bugatti EB110 - Hey you can't live with this kind of car lover and not be able to know what these cars are...
My dad works for the United States Postal Service...this photo just pisses him off I'm sure...haha.
When I heard they had a cafe, I sighed a sigh of relief...until I found out it really was an Automatic Cafe (get it...) oye vey.

I settled for Sunchips and a Dr. Pepper
This is Tucker's namesake. Yes we named our dogs after cars. It was a compromise. Mr. Bumblebee originally wanted Mini for Tessa but there is a new hot car called the Tesla roadster and I loved the named Tess so we compromised. With Tucker I thought it was adorable and Mr. Bumblebee imagined this:
Fred Astairs 1927 Towncar blinged out in some old school Louie...

Crazy bike...freaked me out because where the eye sockets were...the headlights were...eek!
Probably my fave car of the day...I love roadsters.
I have a about 300 more photos, but we won't bore you...go pay the 5 bucks and see it yourself.

After we spent several hours gazing at the pretty cars, we headed over to The Grove. It was such a relaxing fun day. I loved watching my sweet husband's face light up whenever he saw a car he loved. I got a lot of "Oh babe, this car is awesome...it has a front end of 'this' and a back end of 'that'", he was in his glory.
I was surprised at how well the museum was at captivating the interest of people who might not be as car crazed as Mr. Bumblebee. It was really interesting and fun to be honest.
Later when Mr. Bumblebee was on the phone with Bumblebee MIL, she mentioned to him that she was pretty sure his grandfather's company helped build the museum. With the date of his grandfather's death coming up soon, it was a sweet idea and heartwarming thought to see how he still effects us day in and day out.