Friday, January 9, 2009

New Year's Eve Part 1

It's a family tradition to go to Disneyland for New Year's Eve. (Shut your's fun for my kind). We started going with the whole Y2K crap. With everyone up in arms about how the world is gonna collapse, my parents decided that if it was going to fall apart (not that they believed it would, but just in case) that we should be at the "Happiest Place on Earth". We've been going ever since and it's actually a lot of fun. Usually it's packed and overwhelming. You never go to get on rides, it is more of the experience. People are generally in a great mood and everyone is super friendly. This year however, it wasn't that bad. I've been there during the summer and it's been more crowded. It was really slow and the ride wait times was nothing outrageous (except Indy which was 2 hours!!!) So this time it was quite a pleasant trip. Here is a photo recap.
Obligatory front gate photo

First year ever that Disneyland used an artificial tree.My parents and Mr. Bumblebee and I. Sister is usually with us, but this year she ventured out on her own with some friends to LA. They had a good time from what I understand.First ride of the day: MatterhornI am tall enough to get on...ya!The Subs just recently reopened as Finding Nemo. I'm a Disney purist and not happy about it. Funny story however, my Dad is claustrophobic. We thought we'd try to get him on the ride. Well he made it into the Sub but he did not ride the ride. I won't go into further details, as to not embarrass him, however I have never laughed harder in my life. I love my dad.Monorail Blue! The newest of the monorails to be built. They completely jacked up the design and now the sucker can't ride in weather that is hotter than 76 degrees...bone heads!I have never been in the Golden Horseshoe. I've heard about how great the show is, but I was never that interested. The inside is really beautiful though, lots of little touches. It was there from the day the park opened and has been virtually untouched since then. It's nice to see some of Walt's original work still around...I was actually very impressed with the show. Being a violin player myself, the tricks they did with their fiddles was amazing. It was hilarious as well. Each of them played at least 3 different string instruments and all of them were masters at it. While I'm not big on hoe-down stuff, this was entertaining and worth seeing once.
More to come in Part 2...

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We used to go to the Golden Horseshoe for lunch all the time. Did you see the chocolate cake?