Monday, January 26, 2009

Ah...back on the island

The weather last week was such a treat. I hate cold weather. There are those people who, around Nov. start wishing for cold weather. They claim they like to bundle up and listen to the rain. I am not one of those people. I want 78ยบ weather everyday. I was thrilled when it was just that in Newport Beach for a week. I couldn't have been happier. So when it got warm, the first thing we thought was...the island. Balboa Island that is.

Poof it was warm.
The tide was unusually high. Beautiful sunset.

No island trip is complete without a Balboa Bar. There is much controversy over the original balboa bar. Sugar and Spice I think is the original one, however we still prefer Dad's because of the variety of toppings and friendlier service.

My usual is butter brickle and sprinkles. SO FREAKING GOOD!
After our balboa bars, it was time to head home. But one more shot of the gorgeous sunset.

Ah...Back on the island.


That Girl said...

And it's back to freezing again! I swear my fingers went numb on my run this week!

Klucky said...

OMG! Is that Balboa Bar just like a make-your-own ice cream bar thingy or what? That thing looks AMAZINGLY yummy!

Laura said...