Monday, October 29, 2007

Halloween = Candy

So this year I can't possibly get into Halloween. Maybe it's the lack of kids, maybe cause it's on a Wednesday, I just don't care about it at all. I didn't even want to carve a pumpkin! Imagine me....not wanting to carve a pumpking. Well...Mr. Bumblebee talked me into it. So we carved a lovely bumblebee pumpkin of course. We aim to be cheeseball. Mr. Bumblebee worked on it for a full three hours and then would not allow me to help at all incase I "ruined" it. Psh. I allowed him to have his pride...I only wanted to seem like I cared enough. He's so cute though because he really does do his best at everything. And in the end I really was impressed with it. One thing I love about him is his determination. He doesn't always get 100% on everything but I know he's always trying his hardest. He is a hardwork and appriciates others' hardwork. Gotta love him! I'll post pictures later.

So this year for our candy selection we originally bought Swedish Fish Sour Patch combo but those didn't last so I ran out today and got my FAVE candy to hand out, Tootsie Pops. Ugh, takes me right back to my childhood. My Uncle Steve (godfather) used to be a manager for Target. My mom would take me to visit him and I'd run up to his office and he'd whisper in my ear to check his top drawer and inside would be full of red tootsie pops (my favorite) and he would give me one to eat then and 2 to take home. Those are the things that we remember about our childhood forever.

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