Thursday, October 11, 2007

Puppy Class Numero Cinco

Tonight will be Tessa's 5th Puppy Class at PetsMart. She's doing so well with almost all of her classes except we are developing new habits and it's driving me up a wall. I wanted to kill her yesterday and it makes me feel bad to have such angry feelings toward this puppy. I came home and she had gotten into the trash and shreded it all over the bathroom and bedroom floor. I was so upset at her. I screamed and yelled at her and threw her in her crate. Then as I was cleaning it up it dawned on me...1. I left the bathroom door open, even though I am aware that she enjoys ripping up trash. 2. I was screaming at her...."Don't you listen?!" and I realized...she doesn't understand. So when I say..."don't get into the trash" it's not like she understands. I felt so awful. I pulled her out of her crate and gave her treats and spent some time with her. I've realized that it's just as much my fault that there is trash all over the place as it is her's (if not more...).

In other news, Mr. Bumblebee and I came to an agreement last night about Thanksgiving and how we were going to spend it. It's our first time to be with each other for Thanksgiving. Bumblebee IL's have a lot of traditions when it comes to holidays and how to spend them. My family is more loose on the subject. So we had to try and make everyone happy. We will spend Thanksgiving day with Bumblebee ILs and the rest of the weekend with my parents. We have season tickets to the UCLA football games and we have a game that Saturday against Oregon State anyways.

With fall finally approaching I've decided I need a new jacket. I don't have any nice jackets and I'm finally having a desire to have a nice jacket. I have two faves right now that I keep hinting to Mr. Bumblebee. This one is from Delia's and currently my favorite:

It looks so warm and cozy. I like the hood part of it the best. I have three jackets, all of which have no hood. This hood is actually detachable. It comes in Navy, Charcoal Gray, and Marigold. I can't decide if I want it in gray or navy.

My second favorite jacket is at American Eagle.

This one is perfect for the football games and days at Disneyland. It's light and not to heavy. Very casual. It comes in white and black.

I hope Mr. Bumblebee reads this...hint hint.

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