Saturday, October 13, 2007

Lazy Day

The hubs and I were so lazy today. We originally were going to get up and go to the new Petsmart that is opening up in the Tustin Marketplace. There were going to be freebies, 250 puppy toys for those who arrived first, and more exciting things. We set our alarms for 8:30 and we ended up rolling out of bed at 10am. Not good. We haven't slept in like that since our honeymoon so it was really nice. We got up and got dressed. Headed over to the Petsmart. Tess get a freesbie, bandana, buttons with her picture in it, treats, coupons. It was an exciting day. Then we went to lunch at Rubios. Mr. Bumblebee's favorite thing ever is the lobster burrito and about a year ago they stopped selling it. Well, they've brought it back and for a limited time only! So we had to go get a lobster burrito. When we got home, Mr. Bumblebee got to sanding down our dining room table that we are going to paint a dark brown. I got some cleaning I've been wanting to do. We ate left over pizza and then later that night decided to go out for a pazookie. They are seriously heaven. I believe fully that when I get to heaven, it will be unlimited pazookies. And I can't wait! While we waited to be seated for a table, we walked across the way to Target and bought that plane that I posted earlier. We got it for a steal because the hubby found a scratch on it and so they gave us an extra 10% off. YAY! After that we came home and now we are going to sleep. What a lazy lazy day! I can't say I feel bad for being so lazy, we totally deserve it! We haven't had a weeked like this in a long time, not once since we've been married. My belly is satisfied with my pazookie so I'm off to bed now.

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