Sunday, October 14, 2007

Quiet Sunday

I love Sundays. I love them whether we get up and go to church or if we sleep in and do nothing. This Sunday me and the hubhers went to Disneyland. It was really busy there, which is so wierd at this time of year. Ever since Disneyland started their Halloween madness (i.e. Haunted Mansion Holiday) the crowds get busier every year. It sucks for us AP holders because we count on those off seasons to use our pass to the max! Oh well. We rode the matterhorn, autopia, pirates, and that's about it. I love going to just walk around and enjoy the park. I love love love to people watch and Disneyland is probably the best place to do that. I also love to shop the Disney stores, esp. around Christmas-time which is approaching quickly than we realize. Something that I've known about for quite sometime and I have always been interested in but have never gotten around to actually doing is the CHOCWalk at Disneyland. I am not an excersice guru. I hate running, I dislike situps, and I loath pushups. But this is something I could do. I could walk 5K around Disneyland. I feel like I do that every two weeks already. So I talked to Mr. Bumblebee and he loves the idea. So I think this is something we are going to do next year. It will be good for us and it's a GREAT cause. After Disneyland we went to Mimi's Cafe. I wasn't feeling all that well for some reason and so all I got was a salad. It was probably the fastest service ever! It was nice!! Then we went home, watched Desperate Housewives, and now we are off to bed.

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