Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Hot Spot Info

Well, after our little encounter with Hot spots, I decided to post some gathered information for people. Seriously, you never know when you are going to need it.

Hot spots develop over a few hours. They are unpredictable at first but once you get to know the causes, it can help predict their occurrences.

They are just areas where your dog continuely itches until they've created an open sore. The spot is inflammed and they itch it like crazy.

If you dog has a history of ear infections, allergies, heavy coats, or flea infestations, it is likely you will at one point deal with this problem although all dogs are susceptible to hot spots.

As any skin disorder, you are going to want to treat the sore and prevent another occurrence.

When you first notice a hot spot developing, trim all hair around the sore and wash it with warm water mixed with a very mild soap. Then make an appointment with the doctor in case you need some antibiotics.

The itching can be severe. It is hard to watch. Use whatever means necessary to keep the dog from itching that particular spot. From an E-collar, to socks, or even an ace bandage. We tried almost all of those.

To ease the itching until you can see a vet, use cold compresses, witch hazel, a children's benadryl, anti itch sprays (didn't work for us), sometimes an oatmeal bath is necessary.

For us with Tessa, the cold compresses and children's allergy medicine did the trick.

It looked 60% better the next day. 3 full days later and you couldn't even tell she had it.

It was horrible to watch her agonize over the itching though, I hate watching her suffer.

But she's on allergy meds now and doing great...hope you never need this information, but if you do I hope you find it helpful.


That Girl said...

I had a chocolate lab with really bad hot spot problems. There used to be a store by me that had THE BEST stuff for it. I'll check it out this weekend and see if it's still there, if it is I'll pick up some salve and send it your way.

That Girl said...

Boo hiss - the store doesn't carry the salve anymore. Sorry!

10yearstogether said...

omg poor Tess!