Thursday, May 8, 2008

Hot Spots

Tess' first birthday is on Sunday. I've been so excited that I get to give her a new basket of toys and all. Well tonight she has gotten a hotspot. She is so itchy. I can't stand to watch her. She's miserable. I called my vet and he said to bring her in tomorrow and not to worry about taking her to e-vet. It will just cost an arm and a leg anyways. So I'll wait till tomorrow. We have socks on all her feet and we are applying cold compresses to her chest. It's on her chest below where her collar sits. She has such bad allergies, she's already getting two allergy pills a day so I don't know what else they are going to have us do. Ugh...I hate seeing my girl in pain.

I'll spare you the pictures, it looks horrible and painful. Just keep her in your thoughts.


Alissa said...

Local nestie here (Mishas_Girl)

Mollie gets those every once in a while, and she will pull all her hair out in the area if we don't catch it soon enough.

We have found that shaving away the hair a bit in the area helps, and you can apply a pet-neosporin/antibiotic on it (easily found at any pet store). That and a cool oatmeal bath does wonders. The vet had us let the oatmeal soap "soak in" for 10 minutes, and after Mollie is done with that bath you can tell that she feels sooo much better.

Though it really is just a matter of keeping them from irritating the area more! I hope that Tess feels better soon!

MissMissy said...

Poor girl. My dog has allergies too - he is allergic to corn and lamb. We switched his food and it worked great!

That Girl said...

Poor baby girl! I had a lab that got hot spots on his hips, legs...I got this great salve from Old Town, San Diego that really helped him.

10yearstogether said...

Poor girl! I hope it's subsided and hope she was able to have a good birthday regardless. Happy Birthday to Tess!